Yuneec Typhoon Vs DJI Phantom 3

The competition of drone company in the drone market is bigger in this era. The innovation is more encouraged to get the public attention. Each of them has the their own advantages. Many drone industry are developed. Some of drone company are DJI, Syma, Yuneec etc. If you are confused to choose between two products at the time you purchase it. Reading a review or comparation of products will be a good solution. This article will help you with choosing between Yuneec and DJI products. They are Yuneec Typhoon and DJI Phantom 3.

Yuneec Typhoon is best competitor especially for DJI Phantom 3 or 4. The 360 degree system makes this drone is able to rotate up to 360 degree. You can fully control the camera while the drone rotate itself 360 degree. This drone has built-in touch screen to control the camera. This drone is supported by hexacopter make it fly more stable in the air. Besides, this drone is also supported by intel realsense technology to avoid the obstacle in front of the drone while flying. The camera resolution to take video is up to 4K meanwhile the resolution for photo is 12 MP. The battery capacity is 5400 mAh with estimation of flight time about 25 minutes.

DJI Phantom 3 is the rival product of Yuneec Typhoon 2. From the quality, actually Typhoon 2 can be compared with higher version Phantom 3, DJI Phantom 4. Therefore, it will be good too to compare between Yuneec Typhoon with DJI Phantom 3. DJI Phantom 3 consists of 3 versions; standard, advanced and professional. Generally, DJI Phantom 3 takes 2.7K quality camera for standard and advanced also 4K quality for professional version. The differences from Yuneec are DJI Phantom 3 is quadcopter and Yuneec Typhoon is hexacopter which Yuneec Typhoon will fly more stable than DJI Phantom 3. Besides, the battery capacity is 4480 mAh with approximately 23 minutes of flight time.

- Designed for Aerial Photo and Video
- Capture Up to 4K Video/12MP Still Photos
- 3-Axis Gimbal Pans Full 360 Degree
- Easy to Fly
- Enjoy the View
- Amazing Images

Yuneec Typhoon Vs DJI Phantom 3
From this article, the conclusion is both Yuneec Typhoon and DJI Phantom 3 are popular in the market, However the differences are Yuneec presents Yuneec Typhoon with its hexacopter which offers more stable and better flight experience than DJI Phantom 3. Yuneec Typhoon is also equipped with many added features which great to try. DJI Phantom 3 is lighter than Yuneec Typhoon since it is only quadcopter so that the drone will fly higher and quicker than Yuneec Typhoon.

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