WowWee R.E.V Vs Anki Overdrive

Remote control toy is a type of toy that until now it is still a Prima Donna. Not only limited to kids, even adults ever liked it. Cool model and also the assortment is certainly able to resurrect the souls of young children within you. If you decide to buy a brother you are still children toys remote control (or perhaps also to you), then you should consider this product 2: Wowwee Rev vs Anki Overdrive.

WowWee R.E.V
With the latest breakthroughs, WowWee issuing R.E.V Robotic Enhanced Vehicles or 2 Rev Cars Included a very clever, quick, and charming. Comes with an application that you can download on your smartphone and you can now play with a robot car that you can control yourself using the application. The application serves to control the R.E.V, download the one for fighting with other robots. R.E.V ready to accompany you at your leisure. With sensors and sophisticated accessories, R.E.V very sensitive and aware of the surrounding environment. Have Artificial Intelligence and drivers which can be selected on any robot car. Play along toys, never enjoyable as this. Robot WowWee output is very energy efficient and has a long durability. There is the WowWee applications that you can download to your smartphone to monitor this robot. Connect the R.E. V to applications using Bluetooth, which lets you check the status of robot, and fully control the robot R.E.V. This technology comes with Bluetooth Low Energy that does not drain battery life smartphone and the robot. When hit from behind, this robot car will be impacted in the future. You will feel the play car racing which is evident when using R.E.V.

Anki Overdrive
Basically, Anki Overdrive is a slot car, but without the electricity supplier in the middle lane of the track like slot car classic. In addition to the design which is more cool with choice of 4 models (Nuke, Skull, Ground Shock and Thermo) Anki Overdrive also cooler with a myriad of features that makes fun. It could happen because Anki Overdrive integrates with Smartphones. So the slot car of the future could this be controlled disposable cellphone, not use wired controllers are like tangled and limit motion as in conventional slot car. Thus allowing the wearing of augmented reality. Where tracks and environment of his entry to the mobile screen. Of course thanks to augmented reality this, players be lulled the display tracks add yammer with a myriad of effects. One bundle of Anki Overdrive allows us to make eight different trajectory design with connecting each circuit module via a magnet at its end. And for the first time, Anki also had a bridge. In video games, the term expansion pack is no longer unfamiliar in the ear. So far, the game expanded Drive via Anki update car type. But in Overdrive, you can expand through additional modules on the track.

- REV set includes two cars; pick the car you want to control with your smart device
- In single player mode, battle a series of A.I. Characters that can drive, think and fight all by themselves
- In multiplayer mode, play against multiple human- or A.I.-controlled cars at once
- REV vehicles track the status and location of other REV vehicles and adjust their tactics in real time
- Handle most surfaces, including carpet, hardwood and tile
- Use your mobile device to take command of real robotic Supercars in Anki OVERDRIVE
- Build up to eight battlefields in seconds with the Starter Kit
- Battle and race against friends or AI controlled vehicles
- An Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit and a compatible mobile device are required to play
- Expand the battle with expansion tracks, Supercars and the all-new Supertrucks

When it comes to the product the WowWee REV, we can assume it is a similar version to the Anki Overdrive. Therefore, we make a title of WowWee R.E.V vs Anki Overdrive. However, we are here to realize that they were very much different toys as you can read on the following above. But, you know that Anki Overdrive comes in very complete package that you do not have to buy any accessories anymore. Although you must pay a few dollars more, but it is okay since the package is totally worth it.

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