What Do You Meme vs Meme The Game

Aside from the famous Cards Against Humanity, which must be familiar to you, there are actually many similar card games available out there. For example What Do You Meme and Meme The Game, these games are funny, hilarious and fun to play. If you are interested in knowing more, go ahead and read our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is What Do You Meme and Meme The Game
– How to Play What Do You Meme and Meme The Game
– What Do You Meme vs Meme The Game

About What Do You Meme
What Do You Meme is a card game aimed towards adults, which contains a lot interesting and funny pictures and sentences. What Do You Meme is created by “FuckJerry”, a social media sensation that has taken Instagram popularity. The game is officially released in mid 2016 and has place of its own in the adults party game market. Unlike the most popular Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme is meant for a bigger group of people who just want to lough and have fun together. The product currently available in a few online stores and in What Do You Meme website.

In the package there is total 435 cards including 360 caption cards and 75 photo cards. At their site, you can also purchase additional stacks, such as Fresh Memes Expansion Pack, Basic Bitch Expansion Pack and Stoner Expansion Pack.

How to Play What Do You Meme
What Do You Meme is pretty easy to play, first, distributes the caption cards to all players, except the judge. The judge for the round then has to pick a photo card and show it to other players. These players then have to draw caption card from their hand and the judge will have to decide who have the best caption for the picture. The winner then will be the judge for the next round. There is no win or lose in this game, you can play it and reshuffle it again after all the picture cards are drawn.

About Meme The Game
Meme the game a game that aimed be played by adult, at the package you can see that the player age limitations should be over 18y/o. There also another version of Meme the game, which can be played by teenagers above 14y/o. Meme the game is made by the famous classic games and toys company, Cardinal Industries. This company is also the manufacturer of Rotten Apples we had reviewed before. Meme the game is recommended to be played by 3 to 6 players. In the box, there are 400 cards including 225 Picture Cards and 175 Word Cards, it also comes with 35 Voting Chips, and sticker set.

How to Play Meme The Game
Meme the game is pretty easy and simple to play, it actually uses the reverse mechanism of What Do You Meme we have talked above. The way to play if is by placing three Word Cards face up on the table and then the players have to pick Picture Cards to create a meme as quickly as you can, then pick the cards and set them aside. One you have collected three pairs, you can match the cards to create the funniest meme. And other player will have to vote whether your meme is funny or not using the Voting Chips. If most of them vote you, then you are the winner for the round.

Now let’s compare What Do You Meme and Meme The Game. Both of them are aimed towards adult player, but Meme The Game also have another variant that can be played by younger player, while What Do You Meme only have one variant. What Do You Meme offer additional cards to enriched the game with more hilarious memes, while Meme The Game doesn’t have this option. What Do You Meme and Meme The Game also played in reverse mechanism.

What Do You Meme vs Meme The Game

- The adult party game everyone's talking about
- Compete with friends and family to create the funniest memes
- 435 cards (360 caption cards and 75 photo cards)
- Adult Game
- Humor Game
- Game Night

In our opinion, choosing between both is related to your humor taste, so people may have different pick. However, in this article, we will recommend you What Do You Meme, since you will probably more familiar with the gameplay.

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