VTech Touch and Learn vs Explore 

As a parent, we want our children to be as happy as possible and the early stages of their life should be filled with family time as well as playing around, exploring their surroundings, all that fun stuff. Learning while playing is possible too with the interactive VTech Touch and Learn Vs Explore and Write that not only look fancy but also fun for years. If parents want to keep their kids from smart devices, see what these toys can offer here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Smart Device is Bad for Kids
  • How to Choose Toys for Kids
  • What are VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write
  • What VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write Look Like
  • What Kids can Play in VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write
  • How are the Playability of VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write
  • What else VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write can offer
  • VTech Touch and Learn Vs Explore and Write

Kids and Smart Devices

In modern days, smart devices are everywhere, children often spend their time in their room playing video games instead of exploring the surroundings, like when we were kids. Of course the time has changed and we can’t stop it but, not paying attention to what our kids are doing and taking interest in is something a good parent should never do. Smart device usage is difficult to control and it is probably best to limit their usage on such devices until they are old enough to develop better understanding.

Smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers are all necessary items today but younger children should spend most of their time bonding with parents and these interesting toys will be in the way between you and the little ones. Addiction can not only happen in adults but children are also prone to get addicted to them as these are very entertaining technologies and it can harm their learning as well as family time while also capable of sparking tantrum when you try to take the “pacifier” away.

Toys Shopping

Choosing toys is probably one of the most fun activities for children but not for us parents. It is not about the cost but considering which toys are suitable for our children can be very challenging yet, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any factors to consider.

  1. Safety comes first especially when it comes to our children. Choking hazard warning is important to check out if you have toddlers and before buying, make sure that there are no small parts or loose parts that may cause the accident.
  2. Age restriction in a toy package is good to read as not all children are the same but we can modify it according to the kid as well. If your kids are not interested in toys meant for their age, it is good to up the scale a little bit as long as it is still appropriate for children to play with because boring toys will only end up as a pile of wasted money.
  3. The older they get, the more active they want to be and looking for a moving sports car in their tracks may not be satisfying anymore. You may want to give them Frisbee, instruments like a keyboard to play, or even soccer and basketballs if there is an open space in your backyard to play.
  4. Functionality may not be in our list when trying to buy a new toy but if we can find one with both fun and functionality, this will be a great start to teach them various aspects in the house. For example a learning table with a picture of their favorite super hero which they will love so much to have. Since they like this character, they may want to keep and care for the table as well so we can teach them these basic activities in a more fun way.
 VTech Touch and LearnVTech Explore 
Product Dimensions17.2 x 22.91 x 21.38 inches
26.42 x 18.19 x 22.09 inches
Shipping Weight7.52 pounds
9.55 pounds
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About VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write

Many parents have to spend so much on toys in which most of them are only used once or twice so it is better to properly consider the purchase thus, at least we don’t have to take care of those unused toys that can clutter your storage room or your kid’s bedroom. In modern days there are tons of new types of toys to choose from and one of the fairly recent is activity tables. As the name suggests, this is a table toy with a bunch of small toys or instructions to play with.

It is quite a hit and many children are loving it because they are very interesting due to the various activities they can access through the table and one brand you will always see when looking for the toy will be VTech. This company is very popular and makes various toys for small children from infancy to preschool and while the company’s name is literally the short of Video Technology Limited, there are many of manual toys coming from the brand.

Activity table is one of the most popular toys from this brand and this is because their product is loved by children. Two versions you may want to have are VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write versions which are very similar to each other in terms of functionality. These activity tables have various games or more like toys that are meant to bring the player to play and learn at the same time. The amount of games itself may differ depending on the model.

The reason why VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write are very interesting and fun to play with is probably due to the amount of games and activities they can do on the table and it is also a full functioning table if they want to do their projects with their toys. Read also: Barbie Dream House Vs KidKraft Dollhouse.

VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write Design

As you may expect, these toys are made fully from plastic but we have to admit that they are very sturdy and don’t seem to be the type that our kids can tear down quickly because this is often an issue for parents with very active and curious children. There are no delicate items as well but they do recommend throwing away the plastic packaging and sheets since some of them may be dangerous if played by your child.

They will come in parts but are very easy to assemble and it is actually fun to try or it can be a fun time to build together as the parents read their manual and children build their own toys. The chair is also very sturdy but not very ideal if your kid wants to use it as stool for the surface can be quite slippery when wet. Their chairs are about 10-inch tall while the table is about 17-inch in height so we do think children aged 4 and below can still use them.

VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write Toys

The first thing you may want to know about VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write is probably what children can do in these toys. In general the latter is offering more toys in the package because as you can see, the former is coming with a clock toy, one LED screen, one media or music player on the table while the latter replace the clock with phone and additional photo frame placed nearby. Both of them also come with activity cards in the box.

This activity card can be expanded with another purchase but if you have bought it from another expansion pack, make sure to also insert the cartridge to make them work together. What’s so interesting about these cards is that they are interactive and touch responsive in which when pressed the toy will produce the sound corresponding to each icon.

VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write Playability

The next part we want to mention is their playability since it is important to let our kids understand how the toy works. Assembling is easy but parents should be the one changing the cards as it can be easily damaged if not properly installed. The on/off buttons are easily visible at the top of these tables along with the available toys so children can access it easily. The buttons are all huge and smooth to press while the volume is quite loud.

We need to teach that if our kid presses the icons on their cards the table will respond to it and in our opinion this is what’s most interactive and fun about the toy. For example, when letter H is pressed, the toy will say the pronunciation with an example of item beginning with the letter H. There are various categories of cards to play with such as general items, body parts, fruits, animals, and music.

VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write Additional Toys

On the additional feature or more like additional toys, VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write also offer a writing board at the back of the card holder. This writing board is black but not a wood blackboard and easy to clean after. Below it you can also find several small rooms to put art supplies or any small items that your kid may often reach into such as crayons and coloring pencils. There are also several additional cups in the table for easy access.

VTech Touch and Learn vs Explore 

These toys are very interesting and we think it can be a good replacement if your kid is starting to show an excessive usage of smart devices. VTech Touch and Learn & Explore and Write are two different toys but they are not very far apart because you can always buy expansion packs for the card and this is the most fun about the toys. On the built-in toys, Touch and Learn has clock instead of phone and have no removable screen. 

On the other hand the Explore and Write has this screen that can be traced with a stylus for writing exercise. Note that there might be different models for this toy because we also see the Touch and Learn that comes with a toy phone instead clock toy.

- Activity table features an interactive desktop and four double-sided cards that introduce numbers, letters, animals, music, people and more
- Innovative learning table allows you to flip up the kids' table and create a masterpiece using the easel or chalkboard; chalk not included
- Toddler play table comes with 160+ vocab words, 30+ learning activities, and 20+ popular melodies; comes with 9 colorful touch pages each with 4 learning modes; VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe Expansion Packs are not compatible with this desk
- Activity table comes with an interactive LED screen that demos how to write letters and numbers step by step; stool is included with kids desk
- Desktop: interactive screen to learn how to trace letters and numbers, 9 interactive and tactile cards to fill up discoveries
- mWriting function: the screen expands and turns into a slate to learn how to draw letters and numbers by following the path of the LEDs that light up
- Easel: to hang drawing sheets and give free rein to his artistic skills
- Blackboard: for chalk drawing or playing with the master or mistress


You can pick any of them as they are equally fun and quite affordable especially for a toy that can last for a few years but, personally we like the VTech Explore and Learn due to its additional removable display.


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