VTech InnoTab MAX vs LeapPad 3

Technology is great but they may cause some bad effects on children when parents don’t pay attention to how their smaller kids use the smart device. If your kids love interactive products like smartphones or tablets, we can substitute the real thing with learning toys like VTech InnoTab MAX Vs LeapPad 3 as they are made for both entertainment and learning purposes. If your children prefer interactive toys, see below about what they can offer and which of them will offer the best benefit here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose for Children
  • What are VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3
  • What VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3 Look Like
  • How are the Apps in VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3
  • How are the Performance of VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3
  • What else VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3 can offer
  • VTech InnoTab MAX Vs LeapPad 3

Choosing Toys for Children

Every parent wants to see their kids happy and oftentimes it can be as easy as giving them the toys that they want but, as there are so many products you can choose out there, sometimes we are not sure about whether it is suitable for our kids or safe for their development and learning process. Nowadays, children are growing up so fast and they are already used to smart devices from an early age which can be a concern especially if they show an unusual high interest in them.

Choosing the best toys for our kids is not an easy task and as their parents we are responsible for their development as well as happiness. The easiest step is by matching the age range but there are also times that our kids end up doesn’t really using them or get bored quickly. Here are some tips to find the ideal or suitable toys for your kids from infant to preschool:

  • Age Levels for Toys

Reading the age appropriate will help a lot but there is a mixed opinion here. Parents can choose to stick with the age range or upping the game with some consideration. Age levels for toys are determined by the safety factors and this is especially important for smaller or infant and toddlers as they don’t understand their safety yet. What you may want to do is stick with age appropriate for this early age and upping the game in preschool as needed.

Sometimes kids are more advanced or more mature than their age so they are not interested to play with the toys made for their age but, with safety consideration from the parents, we can try toys made for older kids as they tend to be more difficult to play and probably will keep your kids entertained better for example toys with interactive features and learning abilities.

  • Consider the Temperament, Habits, and Behavior

Just like adults, children have different characters as well and in this stage they are developing temperaments, habits, and behavior that they may have to keep forever. When choosing toys, make sure that they are safe for them. Children with tempers may need something unbreakable like soft toys or durable plastics and based on their playing behavior, we can see what they are interested in. Introducing new toys which are related to their current favorite such as superheroes or cartoon characters are also great to ensure their interest.

 VTech InnoTab MAX LeapPad 3
Product Dimensions16.5 x 14.1 x 3.8 inches
0.99 x 7.5 x 5.1 inches
Shipping Weight3.5 pounds
1.76 pounds
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About VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3

Toys are widely available and children toys are a huge business that create such a fast growing market with new products and new variants almost everytime you shop for a new birthday present or Christmas gift. Looking for those that will be safe for our kids to play but also keeping them interested for long is not going to be easy but, chances are interactive toys can be the answer. They are mostly designed to mimic smart devices which offer both games and education in one system.

Nowadays you can find so many toys for kids that are designed based on your daily smart device meant to substitute and avert the kid’s attention from the real thing. Since they are designed for children, these toys are very limited in capabilities and will be much safer as well. Among those many companies that are making interactive toys, VTech and LeapFrog are two companies you may want to consider. The former may be more well-known as a baby monitor brand but they have toys for toddler and preschool as well.

These brands are very popular with their kid’s tablet toys which are loved by both parents and young children as it can replace or even prevent your kid’s from reaching the real smartphone or tablet in the house. Among the collections, VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3 will be two amazing options we can give to our children. They are smart tablets which offer various functions, menus, and games that can keep your little one entertained for quite a long time.

In general they are both toys and learning tools because the games made here are designed to help your kids to play while learning and this method is very effective because not only we can increase engagement through the interesting games but also teaching the players about new knowledge such as recognizing animals and enriching their vocabulary. VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3 are very much similar to each other however, so the one possible in one device will be possible as well on the latter.

VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3 Design

However, being different products made by different companies also makes them quite different and when you dig in deeper, there are quite a lot to consider. From the design alone they are already different and while both tablets are using the same landscape format, InnoTab MAX has this cover to protect the screen when not being used or transported while also acting as a support when used in an upright position. Side by side the LeapPad is more compact then its rival.

This also affects the screen size on both tablets because InnoTab MAX will give you a wide 7-inch screen size in comparison to the 5-inch screen on LeapPad. Similar to many children’s tablets out there, this screen is not glass and probably plastic or such material to make sure they can last longer. Besides the screen, both tablets have some control buttons including for navigation and a stylus in the box to touch the screen but they are fine with just a finger. Read also: InnoTab Vs LeapPad.

VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3 Apps

Moving further, let’s see what VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3 can offer and starting with the app, you will get some games and other basic functionalities apps built-in the unit but just like our iPhone or Android phone, they do have a store that you can use to enrich the apps and the amount of apps here is abundant, as long as your device still have enough memory to store them. These tablets come with 8 and 4GB of memory but only InnoTab MAX has the expandability.

This is possible through the memory card slot that you can find on the unit but unfortunately, LeapPad 3 doesn’t offer expanding space so we have to be wiser when downloading apps or storing files. The type of apps are similar, most of them are education games which is interesting enough to play but also informative. Parental control is a must have and they have the setting ready since the kids can browse the web through these tablets.

VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3 Performance 

Performance wise, VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3 are very easy to use and if your kid is already used to a smart device, they will be at home using these tablets. They seem to improve the processor of the unit since these two are faster than their predecessors and we do think the loading time doesn’t take as much time yet still prominently different from our real tablets. The screen while not as good as the smartphone’s screen they are very durable yet resolution wise InnoTab MAX seems better.

We also like the fact that they are charged with standard USB cable so we don’t have to stock up batteries anymore and from the durability, the plastic body does sustain drop very well but their stylus are not the best quality and you may want to attach string to InnoTab MAX as it has no dedicated slot which makes it more prone to be lost.

VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3 Feature

The last part we want to mention is their additional features. Here you can find cameras that can be used for taking pictures and recording video but we have to compromise with the quality since they almost look like what our early camera phones produce, shaky and not detailed. LeapPad 3 has a camera on each side while InnoTab has a rotating camera that can face two ways. In addition to the on-board speaker we can also plug headset or headphone to the tablet.

VTech InnoTab MAX vs LeapPad 3

These kids tablets are very good options for parents with preschool kids who are bored with their older toys and in an eager stage to learn or explore. While VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapPad 3 are good options, VTech put more into the unit mostly for the expandable memory card and the HDMI port which none present in LeapPad 3. It also has a wider display and a screen cover that can support the tablet but there is no slot to store its stylus.

- A tough, kid-friendly cover that’s removable for a grown-up feel.
- A huge library with progressive learning that’s perfect for kids of all ages.
- An ever expanding selection of educator-supported apps.
- Kids can send and receive voice messages, photos, drawings and more to and from iPhone® and Android smartphones.
- Discover exciting experiences and thrilling adventures with the LeapPad3. This high-performance Wi-Fi tablet includes a fast, powerful quad-core processor and sleek design.
- Features a shatter safe 5" capacitive touchscreen that's highly responsive—perfect for a child's light touch. LeapSearch serves up only age-appropriate videos and more from the web - all approved by learning experts.
- Built kid-tough and thoroughly drop tested, the LeapPad3 tablet is perfect for worry-free fun. - Enjoy hours of play with LeapFrog's lithium ion rechargeable battery that's easy to recharge via USB or AC adapter. 4GB of memory.
- Access LeapFrog's learning library of 1000+ educational games, eBooks, videos and more.


You can pick any of these toys as they are equally good for playing and learning activity but in comparison, we do prefer VTech InnoTab MAX better because of its wider screen, protective cover, and expandable memory to store more fun apps in the unit.


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