VTech InnoTab MAX VS LeapFrog Epic

There are so many children’s toys to consider for your kids such as the VTech InnoTab MAX Vs LeapFrog Epic. These children tablets are very interesting for young kids to prevent them from using your adult tablet that is more capable and provides access to tons of information for their young minds. These tablets are very limited in capacity and abilities so only fun games and educational games are put inside. If parents wonder which variant they should go for, let’s see what they can offer below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are the Differences Between Kids and Adult Tablets
  • What are VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic
  • How are the Design of VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic
  • How are the Interface of VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic
  • How are the Apps in VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic
  • How are the Features in VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic
  • VTech InnoTab MAX Vs LeapFrog Epic

Kids Tablet and Adult Tablet

With how tablets have been a staple in many households for both entertainment and productivity, it is difficult to prevent our young kids from using the device. It is a piece of technology that is very interesting in their eyes and while it is not harmful to let them watch cartoons or some child shows on the tablet, it is unwise to let them have and hold the device without proper understanding on what type of risk they can be exposed to.

This is why parents have to always monitor the use of any smart device on children or only introduce them when they are old enough. For many of us, choosing the kids tablet such as LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Vs Academy will be a very convenient choice. With how tablets are getting popular, there are also the variants marketed to be used by young children. They are very similar to our device but also different and for the kids, the new toy should be very fun and entertaining.

The main difference between a kids tablet and adult tablet is based on the ability. Typically adult tablets are about 7 inches at the smallest size but can be larger, especially if this is meant for productivity like note taking, etc. The machine inside or processor is also less capable on the kids tablet so they are not made for heavy tasks, multitasking, and also software that is hungry on the processing function. For example, you won’t be able to play multiplayer online games today on a kid’s tablet.

Just like an adult’s tablet, the kid’s tablet is also featured with a browser that is built in the system. The difference is depending on the model, most of them are very limited with access only to few sites or more that have been approved by the parents. Parental Controls exist on typical adult devices but they are still more versatile compared to kids tablets with less accessibility.

On the overall features they are not as rich as the typical tablet. The camera for example is only capable of taking pictures, not even decent enough for social media but it is there for fun and if parents can spend more, there are kids tablets such as Amazon Fire that are more similar to the adult version. They also use different app stores where parents can download other apps for the kids. LeapPad for example have their own store and some can also use a physical cartridge with the app inside.

 VTech InnoTab MAXLeapFrog Epic
Product Dimensions0.59 x 8.54 x 5.94 inches
18 x 12 x 3.5 inches
Shipping Weight1 pounds
3.4 pounds
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About VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic

For parents who want to give their kid a fun tablet but want to keep it safer and appropriate for their age, we can choose the kids tablet instead. Many kids tablets are featured with their own games that are both interactive and fun for younger children or the age before they enter elementary school. Just like with any toy however, they will grow bored of it as they grow older and don’t find the games or material as interesting anymore.

But, there is no one size to fit all and it is wise to match the toy choice, not only smart devices like tablets but other toys as well, to the development stage of the children. Among those many options for kids tablets VTech and LeapFrog are some of the most popular options that parents can consider. These brands are carrying some kids tablets with plenty of interesting games and learning material, especially for younger kids or preschoolers. Each model can be different however so make sure to pick the most ideal choice.

The VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic for example are very attractive and if you have used the Fire tablet, these two are going to be very similar to the Amazon variant but not as powerful and are more affordable. These tablets are actually based on the Android operating system so the interface and how they work should be familiar for most parents, moreover if your tablet is Android too like those made by Samsung. As for the LeapFrog Epic, this model is their Academy version.

The original Epic tablet is now available in this Academy version so the tablet can access the feature which is not available for some variants in LeapFrog’s collection. In comparison, the VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic are very similar in terms of ability and features but we do think the InnoTab MAX is more similar to the adult’s tablet. As for the app or games, parents can download it from their dedicated store but do note that they are not cheap.

VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic Design

Before checking what the VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic can offer, let’s take a look into the device first. As you can see, they are quite different when it comes to styling and unlike LeapFrog LeapPad, the InnoTab comes with a cover attached to the device; parents can choose to buy the tablet in blue or pink shade. This cover is protecting the screen and when flipped it can be used like a stand so we don’t need to use a dedicated stand like with LeapPad.

Both tablets have a stylus that can be attached with a string to prevent the kid from losing it. The screen size seems to be the same or 7 inches diagonally with an effective pixel of 1,024 x 600 and can be used with hand as well in case the stylus is broken or lost. Another difference is the InnoTab MAX can be navigated with the simple cursor buttons too while for this LeapFrog tablet it is through the screen only. The tablets have cameras and speakers with audio ports.

VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic Interface

Moving to the most important part, let’s see what the VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic can offer starting from the interface. Because the two are based on Android, or Android 4 series, depending on the upgrade they may have, the front page or interface is very clean considering they are kids tablets. But, we do like the InnoTab better probably because the icons are not too close to each other, larger, and also have the app or program name displayed below it.

VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic Apps

For the collection of apps or games itself, it depends on the company’s service. Both tablets are coming with ready to use apps and games to play right away and parents can also buy or expand the collection as needed. For example the InnoTab MAX is packed with 18 installed apps in which two of them must be downloaded first from their VTech Learning Lodge app store. The LeapFrog Epic, specifically this Academy edition will have around 20 apps ready to use and also the Academy service.

This is an interactive learning program that is perfect for children from the age of 3 to 8 years old. It is actually a service where kids can find lots of interactive learning games to stimulate their brain. For example there is an app where children can customize their avatar or character with accessories, going to school, and doing activities virtually. There is also a learning adventure that gives the children certificates every time they complete a mission.

VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic Features

Lastly on the features, VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic are coming with some basic functionalities such as playing sound and showing video or animation, downloading apps, etc. They have the same 2MP camera that can take pictures from the front and back. The difference is Epic has two of them located on each side while InnoTab MAX smart design uses one camera that can be rotated to perform the same task. The result is nice for children tablets but not very useful for adults.

As for the storage, we do like both of them, for example InnoTab MAX has 8GB of internal storage and users can add memory cards up to 40GB to expand storage when downloading new games. On the other hand this Epic Academy version is even better with 16GB of internal storage and option to use memory cards up to 32GB for storing more apps.

VTech InnoTab MAX Vs LeapFrog Epic

There are so many good kids tablets to try and these two are some of them. The main difference between VTech InnoTab MAX and LeapFrog Epic is their games or apps specific to the company yet they are equally fun. The apps are going to be quite expensive however so parents have to be ready to spend more after buying the tablet. Without the new games and apps the kid may get bored too quickly. Another main difference is Epic has two cameras and comes with higher internal memory.

- Includes an extended 3-month free trial of LeapFrog Academy. This interactive learning program for 3-6 year olds guides them on learning adventures
- Through a well-rounded curriculum, children can explore skills that are important to their development at home or on the go, with or without Wi-Fi
- Packed with learning content and access to the LeapFrog Learning Library that explores a range of subjects and skills from math to creativity
- Kid-friendly right out of the box, LeapSearch lets kids surf the Internet and parental controls let you to set time limits and add Android apps
- Adaptable Design, A tough, kid-friendly cover that’s removable for a grown-up feel.
- Age-Appropriate Content, A huge library with progressive learning that’s perfect for kids of all ages.
- Android™ Content, An ever expanding selection of educator-supported apps.
- 8GB of storage, Expandable up to 40GB.


There is no bad option here so parents can choose any of the two but the price for apps and games seems to be cheaper on the LeapFrog side so we will recommend this tablet, moreover it also has a higher storage to download more apps and interesting games for the kids.

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