Syma X5C Vs X5SW

About drone, many people these days are using it to play it or buy the drone because of their hobby and want to have fun with them. This kind of toy offer you the joy and make you control the drone as you the pilot. Besides its function which is divided to variety of use such as in military, documentary or journalism, or hobby as well. In this article, we will discuss about drone product. They are Syma X5C and Syma X5SW.

Syma X5C is the drone which is equipped with GYRO technology plus 6 axis so that this product will bring us to see it fly more stable and flexible. Syma X5C is able to maneuver 360 degree continuously so that this product will make you amazed while you watch it fly in the air. Syma X5C is protected with the high quality plastic on its rotor in order to reduce the bumps and the damage if it is falling or crash. Syma X5C claims it has HD quality camera on it which is 2 MP camera. Syma X5C is rather inexpensive but affordable enough for the drones in its class.

Syma X5SW is the most advanced model of drone. This quadcopter is designed to experience FPV video flying. The camera which is attached on it will perfectly take the HD picture and video with right perspective in the air. This drone is very stable. It will offer you the durable flight and the use of drone is very smooth and simple. This drone is good to capture video scenery, selfie, and other moment from the new perspective. The minus is sometimes the video is delay or range the video is limited, depending of your WIFI range.

- 2.0MP HD CAMERA: HD camera with 4GB TF card,allows recording higher quality video or taking clearer images
- 3D FLIPS: This drone can perform the 360 degree flips roll with one key
- HD camera with 4GB TF card,allows recording higher quality video or taking clearer images
- Equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems, 3D lock, More scheduled flight, operating more to the force
- X5SW equipped with camera to take photos and videos while flying
- Using addtional accessories to create your own color preference for your X5SC quadcopter

Syma X5C Vs X5SW
Both of products offer the experience flying the attractive, simple and durable drones at the same time. The price is based on their class and quality. If you want to see the attraction and flexible you can try SYMA X5C. The both SYMA X5C and SYMA X5SW offer the same experience in use of drone. The difference is lied in the camera quality where SYMA X5SW is equipped better experience of HD Camera attached on it 1080p meanwhile SYMA X5C with 720p.

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