Syma X5C Vs X5HW

Drone is unmanned aircraft which is used for many purposes by people. Today, drone has many characteristic. People these days buy the drone for having fun with it because the hobby and interest. Syma is one of drone product made in china and the good quality product which is popular in the market. The main discussion of this article will be between Syma X5C and Syma X5HW product. Both of product has the same brand. What’s the differences? We will know more details of the products after reading this article.

Syma X5C is the drone which is equipped with GYRO technology plus 6 axis so that this product will bring us to see it fly more stable and flexible. Syma X5C is able to maneuver 360 degree continuously so that this product will make you amazed while you watch it fly in the air. Syma X5C is protected with the high quality plastic on its rotor in order to reduce the bumps and the damage if it is falling or crash. Syma X5C claims it has HD quality camera on it which is 2 MP camera. Syma X5C is affordable enough for the drones in its range. Syma X5C is easier to learn so that the beginner will be get used to it once after controlling it. The batterylife for this product lasts for 7-10 minutes flight time with 90 minutes charging time to get it fully charged.

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Syma X5HW is the best drone since it is equipped with HD 2 MP Camera with Wi-Fi FPV realtime with 720p resolution. This drone is also has 6 axis gyro system which make Syma X5HW fly more stable and smoother. This drone is responsive. This product offers headless mode that makes the user is no need to look for the position or direction, just control it wherever we want and Syma X5HW will make you getting pleasure flight. The capacity of the battery is 600 mAh with 2 hours charging time so that this drone is able to fly 5-10 minutes. This drone offers the affordable price enough, simple design and many features so that this drone is right choice for you who likes many features in a drone with inexpensive price.

- Equipped with HD camera
- Perform flips at the press of a button with 360 degree eversion, Wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors
- 6-axis Gyro stabilization system ensures maximum stability during flight
- 7 Minute flight time and 100 minute charge time
- Packaged contents accessories IRON COMMANDER developmental toys
- Wifi FPV X5HW-I allows you to view photos & video while flying It supports any IOS and Android phone
- 6-axis gyro direction stabliliser is buit-in,ensuring precise positioning in the air
- Utilises the 4-axis structure,enabling the aircraft to be even more flexible,speedy,and possessing

Syma X5C Vs X5HW
From the discussion above, we can conclude that Syma X5C is good, stable and affordable, Syma X5HW is the same. If you as the user want to get the many features especially camer with FPV realtime like you use action camera in your quadcopter you can choose Syma X5HW. The size both of product is not really big or small so that it is really simple just like you fly the real helicopter. Both of Syma X5HW and X5C offers the pleasure flight and allow you to enjoy taking picture or video at the same time.

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