Rotten Apples vs Cards Against Humanity

The last decades the trend in games is probably the kind of party game, which required the player to submit an answer to a prompt and then in each round, different player will decides which answers is the best among those questioned before. Today there are many of them available, two of the most famous are Rotten Apples and Cards Against Humanity. If you are confused about which to purchase, please read our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Rotten Apples and Cards Against Humanity
– How to Play Rotten Apples and Cards Against Humanity
– Rotten Apples vs Cards Against Humanity

About Rotten Apples
Rotten Apples is a card game intended to be played by adult and will need more than one players to play the game. This card game was developed by No Kidding Pty Ltd and shares some similarities with Apples to Apples only it is aimed to older gamers. Inside the package, there are an extensive set of cards, which can be combine to create what we say “grown-up phrases”, this is why the game is intended to be played by adult. Those cards are divided into two parts; the green and the brown cards. Each brown card contains a sentence with a missing word, while the green cards contains the answer missing from the green cards.

How to Play Rotten Apples
To play the Rotten Apple, each players are given 10 green cards and the player whose birthday is on or closest to January 4 becomes the judge. The judge then pick a brown card and read the sentence written on it. The other players then pick a green card in their hand, which they think fit the sentence best before passing it face down to the judge. The judge then shuffles the card and begin to read them. When picking the answer, it doesn’t have to be logical but rather something comical. The player whose answer is chosen wins the round and will be able to keep the brown card of that round then becomes the new judge. The game may continue, until a player earns a certain number of brown card, which is usually 3.

About Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity is classified as a party game marketed towards adult and played by fill-in-the-blank statements with words or phrases that are typically deemed as offensive, politically incorrect or risqué, all of those words and sentences are printed on playing cards. In cardsagainsthumanity site, and at the cover of the box they stated that this game is a party game for horrible people. Aside from purchasing the already printed cards, you can also make your own decks, with your own creative words. One set of custom cards will take an hour to be printed and cost about $10.

How to Play Cards Against Humanity
To play the Cards Against Humanity game, each player draw ten cards from the set and according to the rule book, the person who most recently “pooped” becomes the “Card Czar” and plays a black card face up. The Card Czar then read the fill-in-the-blanks phrase on the black card out loud. The other players then choose a white card from their hand to answer the fill-in-the-blank to the Card Czar facing down. All the answers then shuffles and the Card Czar have to read them out loud. To make it more interesting, the Card Czar should re-read the black card for each answer. The most interesting answer will be the winner for the round. And for the next round a new player becomes the Card Czar and the other draws 10 cards again. Cards Against Humanity doesn’t stated how to win the game, the focus is only to have fun with your friends.

Rotten Apples vs Cards Against Humanity

- Includes 520 cards (455 Answer Cards and 65 Prompt cards) and instruction booklet!
- Players each choose green cards they think best fit the prompt. Cards with dual suggestive meanings will surprise all!
- Apples Picker selects their favorite "answer." If you card is picked you win the round and become the next Apple Picker!
- Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people
- Contains 500 white cards and 100 black cards for maximum replayability
- Includes a booklet of sensible game rules and preposterous alternate rules

When comparing both of them, there is no reason you can only play one of them. If you like this kind of game, you can play them all to avoid getting bored from excessive playing a specific one. Since both of Rotten Apples and Cards Against Humanity are made to entertain, people may have different taste when it comes to them similar to humor taste. Many people sate that Cards Against Humanity is more crude than Rotten Apples, which is “tamer”. If you are into dark humor or some inappropriate things, we highly recommend you the Cards Against Humanity.

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