RG350 vs PS Vita

Handheld consoles are portable and fun to have as well as playable even when you are not at home in front of the screen. There are so many great choices that you can consider depending on the budget like RG350 Vs PS Vita which are working for lots of games thanks to emulators but, they are also fairly different and if you consider to get any of them, go check which will be your best option below by considering the best part of each system.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are Game Emulator and ROM
  • What are RG350 and PS Vita
  • What RG350 and PS Vita Look Like
  • How are the Display in RG350 and PS Vita
  • How RG350 and PS Vita Emulate Games
  • How are the Gaming Experience in RG350 and PS Vita
  • RG350 Vs PS Vita

Game Emulator

In the era of PC gaming, standard consoles are starting to be less interesting than for example gaming laptops or the need to build your own PC to follow the requirement of certain games you wanted to play. However, it doesn’t mean that game consoles don’t have their own market anymore because some companies are still trying to explore this segment and probably pushing various features to enhance experience along with exclusives to boost the sales. For those who are not interested, there are lots of cheaper options to game.

Just like many types of entertainment, it’s all about taste especially today when you can find tons of online games ready to stream right on your smart, compact device anytime, anywhere. For those who are more into classic or retro titles, emulators will be far more interesting to try and you don’t have to spend lots to get the hardware because many of them are below $100 such as the RG350 Vs PocketGo which should be sufficient for older systems such as PS1 and NeoGeo.

This type of console or hardware can work with various games because they have the emulators or the software/hardware that emulates or imitate a video game console which mean with the correct emulator and video game’s ISO or ROM files, you can play any game in the hardware whether it is a cheap handheld or a computer. The trend goes back to the 1990s when computers have web so aspiring developers can work together to create software to emulate their favorite games such as the Atari 2600 and Nintendo.

As you can guess, the main goal on why people develop emulators is to achieve the same level of playing experience owned by the original combination of hardware and software but as we always want the better, people start adding extra features; the most popular being able to integrate cheats, taking screenshots and creating save states. Emulators are also useful to allow users of specific systems to run homebrew games or those made by fans. While most emulators are made by hobbyists, companies like Nintendo start to release their own.

Game ROM and ISO

Beside the emulator, you must have the file to play the games and practically an emulator has no use without the game ROMs because our goal is to play various games from different systems in one hardware. ROM files obtained by using special hardware that downloads data from cartridge to computer or if they use CD like PlayStation, the file is downloaded as ISO image using optical drive. For retro game enthusiasts that are concerned about their action’s legality, alternatives like Nintendo’s eShop, Antstream, and PlayStation Classic can be the option.

About RG350 and PS Vita

If you are not very concerned about whether downloading shared ROMs and using them is legal or not, there are various cheaper options to consider and this is prominent in the handheld market. There are various manufacturers offering hardware with emulators inside to play older favorite games from different systems and one of the best things about them besides their price point is that many are already come with SD cards complete with emulators and ready to play games in the package.

However, with price comes quality as well and our common issue with cheaper handheld is always their build quality and overall user experience so those who don’t want to experience the same thing, Anbernic and Sony should be a great option to consider. Yes, the latter is one of the biggest players in the console market but their decision recently to give up on building the handheld products somehow makes some of their products even more interesting but at the same time unfortunate as well.

Whether you are a fan of PlayStation or not, Sony is always one of the best in giving quality products and there are lots of people loving their system. For those who plan to get an emulator on their handheld, you may want to consider RG350 and PS Vita. Both of them are definitely on different levels because the former is basically an emulator while the latter has its own system and you can already play lots of games developed for the hardware itself yet, it will become richer when added with emulator.

On the other side, the RG350 from Anbernic is a popular handheld emulator and while this model is rather expensive for similar products in the market let’s say compared to cheaper emulator like PocketGo, it also sits a bit higher in the category and prominently loved due to its build quality and overall its components. In short of course Vita is better handheld but we are talking as it is three times pricier.

RG350 and PS Vita Design

When it comes to Vita you don’t have to worry about their build quality anymore because this handheld is robust and reflects well on the price level which is very similar to its predecessor PSP if you have one back then. What’s pretty about it is the comfortable buttons and sufficient amount of controls which feels great on your hand including the rear-touch panel that was huge when it was first available in the market but, if you worried about accidentally touching it, we can deactivate the function too.

Moving to RG350, the build quality is not the best here and with a size around the same as your smaller smartphone, it is less roomy for those with bigger hands to feel at home when navigating the buttons. The D-PAD itself is quite nice and feels decent to press but we are worried about longevity issues in case you will play this console frequently especially if you often get too “hyped” quickly as well.

RG350 and PS Vita Display

One of the most important factor in video game playing experience is their screen because you will be interacting with it through the console and in this side, we think there is no competition anymore because you will get a 5-inch OLED display which is already touch sensitive in Vita while you have to be satisfied with standard 3.5-inch IPS display on RG350. However, the Anbernic is already coming with a 60Hz refresh rate which is pretty good for higher games and reduces the chance of tear.

The one is Vita is double in refresh rate so there is no chance of such issue here and the touch-sensitive function itself is a great bargain point if you want to make the high price sounds like a justice for what we get in this system. Overall you will be more pleasant with Vita’s 960×544 pixel screen to RG350 320×240 ones without considering the price point.

RG350 and PS Vita Emulation

Moving further, let’s see how good RG350 and PS Vita are going to be with emulators and on this side we will not talk about the ability of its natural system including the bunch of PSP games you can download on the PSN. Starting with their power, these handhelds are already different from the processor itself because Vita has the quad-core Cortex-A9 with each core can offer clock speed up to 2GHz while the former has this JZ4770CPU clocking at 1GHz.

It is already great for this price point and should be fine running tons of games already but still, you will not be able to run PSP, N64, or Dreamcast games here because the CPU is still lacking to accommodate them. Vita should be able to play the other two but there will be some issues and we are not sure about Dreamcast yet but N64 still can’t run at full speed here but we also still hopeful for the future.

RG350 and PS Vita Gaming Experience

Last but not least is the gaming experience itself and talking about this part, our take will be the same to its display quality because in comparison, the big screen, higher refresh rate, and overall better build quality is hard to beat. We are also a fan of the size of this console because it is not too small nor too big in your pocket while battery wise, they can last approximately 5 hours and yet, on paper RG350 actually have slightly bigger 2500 mAh battery than Vita’s 2210 mAh battery.

RG350 vs PS Vita

It is easy to compare RG350 and PS Vita because they are very much different to each other and the winner quality wise clearly say Vita but this handheld is also far more expensive. In general you will have much better screen, better emulation especially for PSP and higher games, some additional features like cameras and rear touch panel, as well as higher build quality.

- 2019 New Upgraded RG350 Game Console , add 360 degree joystick easy to operate . 3.5 Inch IPS Screen(320×240)
- OpenDingux Tony System , Free with 32G TF Card preloaded 2500 classic games
- Built-in high capacity 2500mAh lithium battery for ultra-long standby time
- Multifunctional: Can use as video player, music player, e-book reader ,more interesting than simple handheld console
- PlayStationVita (PCH-2006 series) Wi-Fi model body × 1
- USB cable × 1
- AC adapter × 1
- Power cord × 1


All in all you should shop based on the budget because we are comparing quality here and for those who want to pay less but get much, RG350 is the best bet while if budget is not an issue and you are looking for handheld console slash emulator, PS Vita will be the most ideal option.

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