PS5 vs PS4

PlayStation is an extremely popular game console and almost like the standard home entertainment for everyone regardless their age. Once in several years a new system is launched but it doesn’t mean the older one is no fun because you may save a lot by opting for their older device. PS5 Vs PS4 are separated by so many years but considering the price, not all of us agree with how expensive the new console is. For those who wonder what set the two apart, let’s see the comparison below.

In this article, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Game Console to Buy
  • What are PS5 and PS4
  • How are the Design of PS5 and PS4
  • How are the Graphic of PS5 and PS4
  • How are the Resolution of PS5 and PS4
  • How are the Storage in PS5 and PS4
  • What Games to Play in PS5 and PS4
  • PS5 Vs PS4

Choosing a Game Console

Game consoles are probably a staple in many households whether you have small children or not, games are not exclusively for younger players anymore because we adults also love spending some time in front of the monitor playing certain video games whether it is just to pass time or as a recreation. Smartphone games are accessible for more people, the same with online PC games but with consoles, we do have to spend more to enjoy the native system of your choice.

When talking about game consoles, it often starts with which system is better for you and this is actually very difficult to answer because not all of us will think the same and it is more of personal taste just like what type of music you like better or what artist makes the best music in a certain genre. The war between Xbox and PlayStation has been around for quite some time and Sony won this war with their product as well as decisions.

It doesn’t mean Xbox is a bad console since it is definitely not but many people seem to opt for the Japanese console instead. For those planning on getting an Xbox, we can opt between Xbox One S All-Digitals or One S. They are the same console and the only difference is that the digital version has no optical drive but is a great choice if you are on a budget since they are cheaper and, usually Microsoft offers bundles where we can get few games with the purchase.

If you prefer to game on the largest resolution, Xbox One X is the one to go but this console is much more expensive in comparison to the previous two. The best thing about this system is Xbox Game Pass which is a subscription-based service where you can enjoy more than 200 games with only $10 per month thus, we can play modern games with lower budget. Read also: RG350 Vs PS Vita.

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About PS5 and PS4

For the Japanese console fans, PlayStation is a firm answer and excluding the newest releases (PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition) you can opt between the PS4 Slim and Pro edition. The difference between the two is the same with how One S and One X are separated with each other. Slim games are limited only to 1080p while your Pro version can play 4K games despite not all games offered in the resolution. It is also often said to be inferior to Xbox’s 4K because Sony uses up scaling and is not native 4K. 

There are reasons however why PlayStation is very popular and the prominent one is their exclusives. Yes, we can only play certain games such as God of War, the Last of Us, Uncharted, and Spider-Man here. So if you play and love one or more of their exclusives, there is no other way to enjoy them than getting the console. PlayStation also only supports cross-multiplayer in very few games which means if you play other games with friends, we need to have the console to join them.

Another reason as to why people are getting PlayStation is for VR because they are the one that can play Virtual Reality games as of now. We don’t know whether Microsoft will change their decision in the future but if you want to use VR headset then only PS can offer the experience.

About PS5 and PS4

If you are here then we assume that you are a fan of the Sony game console and planning to buy one. With the recent release of PS5, it is understandable that many of us question the value of the older console or considering whether buying the new version instead of saving the budget. With such a huge hit, PS5 was pretty difficult to purchase even today, it is not easy to find the stock anymore so the hype is real.

Probably because we live amidst pandemic like now or due to the lockdown, people want new entertainment and PS5 comes at the right time to offer you the experience. Of course not all people need the new system but they seem fun and sound amazing as well to upgrade the older one. Both PS5 and PS4 are quite far apart from each other in terms of price point, price of PS5 is starting at $499 for the regular version while now the PS4 Pro is about $399.

The advantage of older systems is we can save quite a some but it is only for those who don’t own the console yet. If you are an owner of PS4 whether the Pro or Slim version, going for the PS5 is a clear as day option. It is not only redesigned but also comes with superior tech starting from the new CPU, higher and more powerful GPU, higher memory, and supporting 4K at 120Hz including 8K resolution. All of these are new in a console and what makes PS5 such an interesting buy.

PS5 and PS4 Design

Before checking the differences between PS4 and PS5 further, let’s see the unit first. If you remember the older variant of PlayStation, black seems like the primary color of the console and there is not that much of change over the previous systems but now, PS5 is completely renewed. No longer black, it is white with a pretty futuristic look. It can stand vertically or you can actually lie it down too like PS4 but in vertical setup, the PS5 is significantly taller.

This height will matter if you choose to install it below the TV but we doubt it since this console looks attractive standing up, probably putting it next to your TV is a great idea. In the box we will get a new controller as well, with the same fashion and in comparison, the controller of PS5 is bigger while the layout stays the same. There is no removable back anymore. It is still light however but if you have big hands, we do think the new console will be more comfortable.

PS5 and PS4 Graphic 

Moving further, let’s see what’s in the PS5 and PS4 that makes the two so far apart from each other. Starting with the graphic, both of them are using custom AMD Radeon chips but the newer variant is boasting twice the number of CUs as well as higher clock speed. In comparison the latter’s GPU is approximately 8 times more powerful than the PS4’s Pro and this makes the graphical improvement being much higher as well to deliver better experience.

PS5 and PS4 Resolution 

Next is for their resolution and depending on which PS4 you pick, they can either offer 1080p on the Slim version or up to 4K on the Pro variant. In PS5, the games are pushed to the next extent, to the resolution higher than our previous experiences with 4K resolution at 120Hz and even 8K which both are variable in refresh rate based on the HDMI 2.1. This connectivity is future-proof since most TVs today don’t have the port yet but you will see them more often in the upcoming years.

PS5 and PS4 Storage 

As for the storage, we don’t see that much of a difference between PS5 and PS4 because the gap is not as massive as the previous two factors. The older PS4 comes with at least 500GB of storage while PS5 comes with 852GB. But, performance wise the new console is still winning because PS5 now includes a custom SSD with raw read bandwidth of 5.5GB/s which is specifically built for the console in order to allow it to communicate better with the architecture.

PS5 and PS4 Games

Lastly we want to mention about the games because this is one of the reasons why many are choosing PlayStation in the first place. Of course you can play PS4 games here on PS5 as well and chances are they will also look better. For the new games, you will meet with plenty of them such as Spider-man: Miles Morales, FFXIV series, Horizon Forbidden West, Demon’s Souls, and other sequels on the work, including the many people’s favorite God of War.

PS5 vs PS4

In comparison, the PS5 and PS4 are quite far apart from each other not only on how the console looks but also the internal component which makes the new console perform better and more reliable as well as future proof, at least before the new console is released many years later. The real difference in graphic and processor speed makes PS5 an impressive console we can buy today, especially with better graphics and new experience with the new controller.

- Lightning Speed - Harness the power of a custom CPU, GPU, and SSD with Integrated I/O that rewrite the rules of what a PlayStation console can do.
- Stunning Games - Marvel at incredible graphics and experience new PS5 features.
- Breathtaking Immersion - Discover a deeper gaming experience with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D Audio technology.
- Play online with your friends, save games online and more with PlayStation Plus membership (sold separately).
- All the greatest, games, TV, music and more. Connect with your friends to broadcast and celebrate your epic moments at the press of the Share button to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
- Mount is not included


If this is your first PlayStation console, we do think any of the two will be a great choice but if you can spend the budget, we highly recommend choosing PS5 over the older console because it is more powerful and stays relevant for the next several years.

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