Pocketgo S30 vs RG351P

Handheld consoles are fun to play and the best thing is they are also convenient to be brought along with your adventure. Plenty to choose from based on what system you prefer or how much to spend such as PocketGo S30 Vs RG351P that are ideal for anyone who is saving for the bigger consoles. These cheap handhelds can offer so many experiences but let’s see what you can expect here since they are not the same as well.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for a Handheld Console
  • What are PocketGo S30 and RG351P
  • How are the Design of PocketGo S30 and RG351P
  • How are the Convenience of PocketGo S30 and RG351P
  • How are the Experience with PocketGo S30 and RG351P
  • PocketGo S30 Vs RG351P

Open Source Retro Console

Video games are fun because they are engaging and you can find so many titles to play nowadays based on what genre you prefer the most whether it is just a simple single person mission, multiplayer adventure type of games, military based games, etc. All available today in your favorite platforms or game consoles and even smart devices. But, there is quite a lot we have to sacrifice to enjoy these entertainment and the newer they are, the more expensive as well the cost.

Remembering how PS5 Vs Xbox Series X are still sold out even today despite none of them being cheap, it brings a lot of attention to what we can achieve with far smaller budgets and if you also wonder about the same thing then why not try the retro games instead. Yes, they are older games that are probably decades old already but many are still very fun to play, moreover if you have a childhood memory with some of them.

We still can play these games and what’s even better is plenty available to play on computers and consoles. But, if you are pushing the budget to be as low as possible yet still get the classic experience of playing them handheld or on a small screen then we have the retro consoles to consider. There are actually not that many to source the options from yet they are still out there and if you are willing to put some effort, handheld emulators are a great way to spend the free time playing retro games.

In some cases these handheld are more legit because they have commercial software ecosystems and use legit cards or cartridges as well as official download to function tool but, essentially these consoles are still emulator because in many cases the products are using older game roms and emulator that works like the games’ native systems in order to run them on the more modern hardware. In some cases however, there are some games being ported on the system depending on what you opt for.

For those who are willing to put in a little bit of effort or learn to do so, these consoles are going to need you to manually find and install your own games to play. When it comes to legal or not, it is always debatable and people can have their own opinion or point of view but regardless, it is always advised to back up the physical games if you have the hardware to do so. At least in the foreseeable future, commercial gaming handhelds with their own ecosystems will remain rare.

 Pocketgo S30Pocketgo RG351P
Product Dimensions8.07 x 4.17 x 2.05 inches
8.11 x 4.69 x 2.6 inches
Shipping Weight12.3 ounces
11.9 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About PocketGo S30 and RG351P

But, for the emulation-based consoles, we can find tons of them out there, mostly coming out of China; they are usually based on Linux or Android. These handhelds are far cheaper than let’s say the Nintendo Switch and Lite which are the two monsters without rivals in our current market, especially with Sony seemingly no longer interested in developing new Vita. While we have freedom to choose any of them that fits your taste, it is still wise to consider what they can offer first.

Among the collections, we have PocketGo and Anbernic which are some of the most popular systems in the market. For example the PocketGo is one of the first that comes out of China for the retro gaming experience. They come with newer products as well that were welcomed really well by so many enthusiasts, especially for beginners. Anbernic is also a great choice and probably one of the best too for ease of use but the most interesting part from these devices are the price point.

Some of the newer devices you can pick up from these brands are PocketGo S30 and RG351P from Anbernic. These two are sold at sub $150 and it will be unfair to compare them to for example Nintendo Lite because we are paying for a stronger computer with their own ecosystem while these two are more of a fun way to enjoy older games. These consoles surprisingly have the same strong point of being a pick-up-and-go type of console and this is what makes them very popular.

We do think anyone will enjoy these systems, moreover beginners who don’t really want to spend much exploring the consoles since we know how good convenience systems are but, PocketGo S30 and RG351P are not the same as well. In comparison the RG351P is probably the stronger competitor while the S30 is the most user friendly, moreover if you like how it is shaped based on the 8BitDo controller or familiar with the design.

PocketGo S30 and RG351P Design

When it comes to gaming, comfort is a crucial factor as not all of us will be familiar or liking the same type of handheld or consoles. As you can see, the PocketGo S30 and RG351P are very different from each other with the PocketGo mimicking the Xbox 8BitDo controller along with a rounded handle on both sides. The console has a 3.5-inch IPS screen with 420×380 pixel resolution as well as featured with shoulder buttons at the top of the console. Build quality is decent and has a built-in battery.

Moving to the RG315P, this console is simpler looking in comparison, very similar in feeling with the Nintendo Lite as well as good build quality. Its handling and feeling is about the same when you are playing a smartphone game with a square screen at the same size and resolution as the S30. It has a dual joystick system but now the shoulder buttons are somehow cramped and not as comfy as the S30. This console has dual speakers however instead of mono like in the former.

PocketGo S30 and RG351P Ease of Use

Moving further, let’s talk about why PocketGo S30 and RG351P are amazing and why they are very popular. This all started with how easy using these consoles are that it requires very little effort and what makes them ideal for many users, including us who are not very patient with setup. Once you power them on, we are instantly shown with what systems they are running so we can choose directly almost instantly. Just scroll the selection and choose the one that you want to play.

These consoles are also coming with several games pre installed as well so we do think they can be a great present too for smaller children who want to have their own console when we as parents are probably unsure whether to give them a newer device yet. What we want to mention is the PocketGo S30 is currently not supporting N64 games which probably will change with firmware update but when this comparison is made they are not yet available.

PocketGo S30 and RG351P Experience 

Now for the overall experience with PocketGo S30 and RG351P, we do think these two are on par with each other and they are definitely a great pick if you don’t want to put a lot of effort because when talking about emulator we also talking about lots of confusing work to do, especially if this is your first open source console. They are limited in terms of personalization but the main goal is ease of use so we understand why they are designed so.

In terms of ease of use they are equally great, in terms of comfort we personally like the S30 better. It is probably subjective but the rounded handle is just comfy to hold with very simple button layouts as well, especially when you are pressing the shoulder buttons. On RG351P the plastic material can be a bit annoying as it can be a bit sharp sometimes on the edges, while the dimension makes it slightly cumbersome to press.

The PocketGo S30 and RG351P have the same convenient SD card slot at the bottom but Anbernic’s speakers are better as we have stereo sound from them. Personally we often use headphones or earphones with these consoles and in comparison the S30 puts this port at the bottom which makes the cable less obtrusive compared to when it is at the top. For the battery life, RG351P did have a slightly longer life at 5-6 hours instead of 4-5 hours only.

Pocketgo S30 vs RG351P

Both of these handheld consoles are very easy to use and this is what impressive about the two. They are on par in terms or simplicity but the experiences are a little bit different. Personally we like how the S30 designed its handheld and all of the buttons here. But, it only has a mono speaker and shorter battery life than the RG351P which can be more comfortable for you who are used to playing mobile games due to the similar layout. This console can play N64 but struggle a lot so we do not recommend it for the fans, at least for now.

- Classic Design: a retro game console based on controller we already like.
- BIG IPS SCREEN: 3.5-inch high-definition IPS screen, the display effect is very clear. The tempered glass used for double protection has the characteristics of scratch resistance and drop resistance, bringing exciting gaming experience and better eye protection.
- LARGE CAPACITY BATTERY: Built-in 2600mAh large capacity lithium battery. Long standby time and long battery life. Support up to 4-5 hours of games. Supports fast charging by using a USB cable. Bring you a lot of happiness during the journey or long-distance travel.
- VARIETY OF GAMES: Compatible for PS1,FBA, MD, GB, etc.
- 3.5 inch IPS Screen: 3.5-inch high-definition IPS screen, the display effect is very clear.
- 3500mah Large Capacity Battery: Built-in 3500mAh large capacity lithium battery.
- Support a Variety of Games: Our handheld game console is compatible for open source Linux systems and supports more than 20 emulators
- Upgrade Chip: The video game console uses the RK3326 chip, more powerful, which can solve the problem of frame loss in the game


They are a similarly good handheld depending on which seems to fit you better but in comparison we recommend getting the S30 if you like the shape and control layout, moreover this console is cheaper as well for those who want to optimize the budget.

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