Anki Cozmo vs Vector

Technology play an important role in our life and they affect almost every aspect of our life nowadays including entertainment. If in the past robot is seen as a

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Nintendo Switch vs PS Vita

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Nintendo Switch vs PS4

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Joking Hazard vs What Do You Meme

Joking Hazard and What Do You Meme are two adult card games that used pictures card in their play. Both use the same concept but comes with different set

Joking Hazard vs Cards Against Humanity

Today, there are so many adult game that was inspired or contain cruel and offensive content like Cards Against Humanity. One of them is Joking Hazard from Cyanide and

Not Parent Approved vs Cards Against Humanity

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WTF Did You Say vs Card Against Humanity

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Fluxx 5.0 vs Fluxx Special Edition

Fluxx is a famous card games loved by many people. Their recent version is the Fluxx 5.0 is very similar to their Fluxx Special Edition. If you want to