Nintendo Switch Vs Lite

Game consoles are very fun to have and they are also designed better for the comfort to play at home. But, some are more portable as well such as Nintendo Switch Vs Lite handheld which are among the most popular handheld as well as alternative to the larger stationary consoles or even smartphone games. The two are pretty much similar but are not identical and if you are wondering which to buy, here we will compare the two for you to choose one.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Console to Buy
  • What are Nintendo Switch and Lite
  • How are the Design of Nintendo Switch and Lite
  • How are the Processor in Nintendo Switch and Lite
  • How are the Games in Nintendo Switch and Lite
  • How are the Experience of Nintendo Switch and Lite
  • Nintendo Switch Vs Lite

Video Game Consoles

The market for video games is prospering in the last decade with tons of games to release, new consoles, as well as the ability of computer and smart devices to play these games properly based on their capabilities. Nowadays even mid-range smartphones can run pretty heavy games already so it makes the hobby more accessible for the wider players. But, for the hardcore hobbyists, it is probably more preferred to play on the full-size console, not only for the games they play but for the overall experience.

For those who are interested in buying new game consoles, our choice is abundantly available out there based on which systems you want to have or like better. Rather than one system will kill the other, we do think it is about the personal preferences here, especially with Xbox and PlayStation equally releasing amazing consoles last year. The choice is all yours but here are some factors to consider when deciding to go with any of the available popular consoles.

Starting with the new PlayStation 5, this extremely popular console is very difficult to find even today months after the initial release due to the high demand. Unlike the PS4, now it can natively support 4K games in 120, along with future proof 8K at 60 as well. You can still find it in standard and digital versions with no CD slot but the shape and design stay the same. Our personal focus here is the limited 825GB SSD memory and the bulky shape that may be tricky to arrange in some TV setup.

Next is the competitor Xbox X which was not as hyped as the PS5 but is not covering the fact that it is an incredible piece of hardware if you will compare the two. It is arguably having the faster load time and higher storage makes the console a great alternative or an option of its own. Similarly, it can play 4K at 120Hz thanks to the powerful hardware. Its best side is backward compatible with the older games hence the wider collection but somehow the UI is lacking and the controller is not as advanced as the PS5.

 Nintendo SwitchNintendo Switch Lite
Product Dimensions13.77 x 3.74 x 7.87 inches1 x 2 x 2 inches
Shipping Weight3.35 Pounds1.32 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

On the other side of the spectrum comes a very unique alternative which is the Nintendo Switch itself because among others this is the only one that can be converted into both full-size and handheld systems. The system is quite old now but has no competitors so it is pretty laid back as well and has no power near to compete with the above two so expect to see less from the new releasing games, if any is in your radar. But, for a console that can offer the greatness of both worlds, it is still very much worthy to consider.

About Nintendo Switch and Lite

Now when you have decided what to go for or which seems to fit in your lifestyle of preference the most, it is time to see what the market has to offer. There are plenty of offerings and since smartphones are getting better as well with higher SoC embedded in their system, it is not closing any possibilities that people will probably be more familiar with mobile games in the future. It is all about preferences and which will sit best in your personal taste.

If you are here then we assume that the new console is meant to be handheld and for this category, we have Nintendo Switch and Lite which are the alternative for each other. These two brothers are very much the same in terms of giving you the ability to bring the games anywhere you go but, while the former is also a full-size system in a more compact form, the latter has no capability of being connected to the TV; similar to our older VITA.

But, if your family or friend has the Switch, we can play on the same ecosystem as we can connect the two. Overall the experience will not be that far from each other especially in handheld mode but, there are other factors as well to consider whether you will feel more satisfied with going full Switch or settling with its little brother Switch Lite, such as game compatibilities and the comfort while playing them in this setup. For the budget also, the Lite will be a little bit cheaper to buy.

This current price gap is not over $100 and personally we recommend the Switch if you can spend the budget because it will give you more versatility and especially better if you will love to game on larger screen even in handheld mode as well. But, for the overall quality and fun, both Nintendo Switch and Lite are equally pleasant to play.

Nintendo Switch and Lite Design

Before moving to what they can offer, let’s see the physical differences first between the two. Side by side the actual size difference is not very prominent around the screen since mostly it is around the handle itself. The screen is at 6.2 and 5.5 inches so in a glance it is not very noticeable but when lit up, their quality is almost identical because the two are only 720p displays which means smaller screen will benefit more as it has tighter pixels.

For the dimension, spec wise they are 4 inches tall, 9.4 inches long, and 0.5 inches deep compared to 3.6 inches tall, 8.2 inches long, and 0.5 inches deep. Another prominent difference is you can remove the Joy-Con controllers from the main unit of Switch while the latter is fixed. This option allows for docking and two people playing with the same console. Read also: PS5 Vs PS4 here.

Nintendo Switch and Lite Processor

Now moving to what the Nintendo Switch and Lite can offer, at the core both of them are very similar to each other by using the same custom NVIDIA Tegra on the processor with 32GB of internal storage in which some of it will be used by the system. You can add more up to 2TB for storage using the SDHC or SDXC card. As for games in their handheld mode, all will be played at 720p but for the smaller screen it is probably not as concerning yet when moved to the TV, your Switch will play at 1080p.

Nintendo Switch and Lite Games

As for the game collection itself, most of what you play on the original Switch will also be available for the Lite version so we do think the games are not an important aspect that set the two apart but the type of games is. This is because the latter is only handheld so if your games are not supported being played in this mode then we will need another controller to make it work. Outside of this we can play the same games on both consoles.

Nintendo Switch and Lite Experience

Next is for the experience and this is probably very subjective based on how you feel about the shape and size of these consoles. We personally have no problem with the slightly bulkier Switch and as for the mobility it still fits in our backpack or sling bag easily; it is slightly heavier however. But due to the size our hands have more room to hold and more screen to watch even though the resolution is arguably not that impressive nowadays, compared to smartphones.

In addition some of the buttons in Nintendo Switch and Lite are not exactly identical in feeling while having the same type of layout and functionality. The feedback you get from the Lite version is not as satisfying but, we like the D pad better in Lite compared to the Switch 4 buttons as it feels more natural and familiar. The screen also somehow dimmer in Lite which probably is not as effective if you often play it outdoors. On the sound quality we do think the Switch Lite is better in delivering the sound as it is cleaner and more detailed.

Nintendo Switch Vs Lite

Both of them are good consoles and they don’t really have competitors as well today unlike the full-size type such as Xbox or PlayStation. The prominent differences are mostly on the overall experience when using these consoles such as the screen quality which is brighter on the original Switch and somehow the slightly firmer button as well. The Lite version has a cushiony feeling on the buttons and the screen is dim. The main difference is you can connect the Switch to a TV, unlike the Switch Lite.

- Nintendo Switch lets you reunite the family and enjoy games on the big screen
- You can also enjoy the console gaming experience on the go, without the need for a TV
- Play anytime, anywhere, in handheld mode
- Share the fun with Joy-Con: Detach the Joy-Con from the Nintendo Switch system and give one to a friend or family member for local multiplayer
- Nintendo Switch handheld for video games at a great price
- For each member of your family, there is a member of ours
- Optimized for personal, handheld gaming, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a small and lightweight Nintendo Switch system
- Features a sleek one-piece design with fully integrated controls and an integrated control pad +


The option is all yours, based on which seems to fit you the most but personally we will recommend getting the full size Switch because the price gap is not that much and you get a fuller system that can be played on TV as well as larger display when playing handheld.

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