Nabi Jr vs LeapPad Ultra

Choosing the right tablet for your child is not as easy as getting one for yourself. Adults may look for speed, storage, connectivity, or a certain operating system. Most children don’t care about these things; they just want something that is fun and easy to use. You also want to make sure that your child will only access kid-friendly content and features. Two of the most popular kid tablets on the market right now are Nabi Jr and LeapPad Ultra. Which one does make the better choice?

Size and Weight
First of all, let’s take a look at the dimensions of Nabi Jr and LeapPad Ultra. Of the two tablets, Nabi Jr is the smaller and lighter one. It features a five-inch display screen. Although the screen size is not particularly impressive, it is lightweight and portable enough to be held by a kid. Besides, it comes in a very good-looking design. The white tablet is encased in a protective red case which shields the device from impacts while at the same time improving the handling comfort.

On the other hand, LeapPad Ultra comes with a seven-inch hi-res screen. The display is very pleasant to look at. However, the design is not as cool as Nabi Jr’s, and the larger and heavier body may make it more difficult to hold. (See also : Nabi 2 Vs Nabi Jr)

Okay, we said that most children don’t really care about the storage, but we still need to consider this aspect for various reasons. For example, if your child loves drawing or music, you need to make sure that the tablet has enough room to store his or her drawings and songs. The difference between Nabi Jr vs LeapPad Ultra is regarding the memory card slot.

Nabi Jr only has 4 GB storage, which is inferior compared to many other similar devices, but it features a microSD card slot which allows you to expand the storage to 32 GB. This is a very nice feature; not many kid tablets have a memory card slot.

LeapPad Ultra comes with 8 GB storage. It does not have any memory card slot, so you can’t expand the storage.

Built-in Apps and Features
Nabi Jr has more than 30 pre-loaded apps and games that are dedicated to puzzles, reading, counting, matching, and other basic skills. It allows the kid to watch their favorite films and TV shows, as well as snap pics and record videos using the 180-degree rotating camera. For sure, it is equipped with parental controls and configurable time limits. To download additional apps, you can access the Nabi store which provides a number of kid-friendly apps and games.

On the other hand, LeapPad Ultra is pre-loaded with 11 educational apps and 10 learning songs. You can access the LeapFrog store, which provides many more educator-approved apps, games, songs, videos, e-books. It ensures a kid-safe web experience by using the LeapSearch web browser powered by Zui. It also has a camera and parental controls.

- Great for Early Childhood Education - Comes exclusively with Wings First Steps Plus covering letters, counting and tracing for the Pre-K grade
- Great for Playing - Your toddler will enjoy instant access to over 30 pre-loaded apps and games dedicated to reading, puzzles, counting, matching, first words and more
- Kid-Safe Out of the Box - From the time nabi Jr. turns on, rest assured your toddler is in a safe and secure environment
- Ultimate adventures await with LeapPad Ultra XDi's huge 7" hi-res screen, kid-safe web and kid-tough design
- Huge, vivid screen delivers rich, dynamic graphics that immerse kids into the learning experience and bring the fun to life!
- Access the most engaging learning library for kids tablets, with 1,000+ educator-approved games, apps, eBooks, videos, music and more

Both Nabi Jr and LeapPad Ultra are good. Nabi Jr is great for younger children due to the lighter body and more attractive design. You can also choose Nabi Jr if you need the memory card slot, for example for storing your child’s song or drawing collection. However, you can choose LeapPad Ultra if you don’t need the memory card slot; this model has a wider display and a bigger app store.

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