Nabi Jr vs LeapPad 2

Are you looking for a compact and affordable kid-friendly tablet? Nabi and LeapFrog are two well-known brands that produce high-quality tablets designed specially for kids. Below, we will discuss the comparisons between their popular entry-level products, Nabi Jr vs LeapPad 2. Both are loaded with various educational yet entertaining apps that will allow your child to learn while having fun. The two products stand in the same price range. So, which one is better?

Design and Dimensions
Nabi Jr is very comfortable to hold, thanks to the rubber bumper case which covers the unit. The bumper case shields the unit from scratches and impacts, but it happens to be very nice to hold. It does not slip easily. If you are worried that you child may accidentally drop the tablet, Nabi Jr will reduce the likelihood. Not to mention that this model is smaller and lighter; it measures 7 inches x 4.5 inches x 1.3 inches with a weight of approximately 13.4 oz (380 grams). Also take a look: Nabi 2S vs Nabi Jr.

On the other hand, LeapPad 2 comes with a metallic finish. While it looks nice, the metallic finish is more prone to scratches and impacts. So, this model is not very suitable for young children, especially those with a tendency to drop or throw things. LeapPad 2 is slightly wider yet slimmer. The dimensions are 7.1 inches x 5.2 inches x 0.94 inches. The weight is about 453.6 grams.

Features and Performance
Both Nabi Jr vs LeapPad 2 come with 4 GB storage. However, Nabi Jr has a microSD slot which is compatible with memory cards up to 32 GB. This is a very convenient feature if you want to save a lot of games and files in the device. On the other hand, LeapPad 2 does not have a way to expand the storage, but it has a special slot for LeapFrog’s cartridges. There are more than 325 LeapFrog cartridges of games and apps available.

Both models do not allow you to download from the Play Store. They have their own respective stores for kid-friendly games and apps. So, these models are great for children, but parents will not get many benefits from them due to the limited download options. Nabi Jr has its own kid-safe web browser, whereas LeapPad 2 does not have any web browser.

NabiJr only has one front-facing camera. The resolution is 2 MP. It is able to record 720p videos. The camera is unique because it can rotate. Unfortunately, this unit does not have a rear camera. Meanwhile, LeapPad 2 comes with front and rear 2 MP cameras.

In general, Nabi Jr runs more smoothly than LeapPad 2. This is especially noticeable when running a demanding app. After all, Nabi Jr is powered by a powerful processor, which is the quad-core Cortex A7 1.2 GHz. It also has 1 GB RAM. On the other hand, LeapPad 2 only has a 550 MHz processor.

Power Requirement
Nabi Jr comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The battery life is not impressive; it can only last for a few hours if used continuously with the Wi-Fi turned on. But you can save a significant amount of battery life if you turn off the Wi-Fi.

On the other hand, LeapPad 2 works with four AA batteries. The battery life is also not very impressive, although the user reviews vary for this aspect. In general, getting the AC adapter is recommended in order to cut down the cost of battery replacement.

- nabi Jr. is the first full-featured learning tablet built just for kids. Like your tablet, it was designed as a tool, not as a toy
- Great for Early Childhood Education - Comes exclusively with Wings First Steps Plus covering letters, counting and tracing for the Pre-K grade
- Great for Playing - Your toddler will enjoy instant access to over 30 pre-loaded apps and games dedicated to reading, puzzles, counting, matching, first words and more
- Kid-Safe Out of the Box - From the time nabi Jr. turns on, rest assured your toddler is in a safe and secure environment
- The number 1 learning tablet just got better! LeapPad2 inspires kids to imagine & explore with a faster processor and 4GB for limitless learning fun!
- Capture your world in 2 ways with front & back cameras/video recorders! Trace, create and play with your finger or the stylus on the 5” touch screen.
- LeapPad2 comes with 5 apps: Pet Pad, Learning Songs, Art Studio, 1 app of your choice and Cartoon Director app, which lets you create your own movies!
- Draws from more than 2500 skills in subjects like reading, art, music, language and culture, science, geography, mathematics, health and more.

In general, NabiJr is more recommended. It has a better design, better performance, and more features. The rechargeable battery is also a nice thing. On the other hand, LeapPad 2 is much more limited.

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