Nabi Dreamtab vs Leapfrog Epic

In this modern world, children have become so much closer with the technology than ever before. So, it is better to introduce and educate our children so that they can use the technology responsibly, instead of letting them explore on their own. You can give your child a kid-friendly tablet to introduce him or her to the digital world. Both Nabi and Leapfrog are famous brands that are known to produce great kid-friendly tablets. Below, we will see the comparisons between their latest models, Nabi Dreamtab vs Leapfrog Epic. Which one is better for your child?

Nabi Dreamtab
The Dreamtab is a Dreamworks-themed kid-friendly tablet from Nabi. If your child is a big fan of Dreamworks’ films and animated series, they will love this tablet very much. Here, you will come across many familiar characters on various apps and activities, such as Shrek (Shrek), Alex (Madagascar), Po (Kung Fu Panda), and Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon). The device is covered in a protective rubber case which shields it from impacts and scratches.

Nabi Dreamtab features a large 8-inch display touchscreen which looks very sharp and nice – for a smaller tablet, see Nabi 2S vs Nabi Jr. The resolution and color quality are great. The performance in running various apps is very smooth and fast, thanks to the NvidiaTegra 4.0 1.6 GHz processor.

The unit has 2 GB RAM, which ensures smooth performance when running multiple apps or a resource-hungry app such as the drawing app. The internal storage is 16 GB, which is already sufficient for most purposes, but you can expand the storage using the MicroSD slot which supports up to 32 GB.

The only downside of Nabi Dreamtab is the battery life. The great power of the tablet is not accompanied with a sufficiently strong battery. It tends to run out of battery fairly quickly, with the average battery life being around 6 hours per charge. So, it is not very ideal for travelling.

Leapfrog Epic
Leapfrog Epic is quite similar that it also comes in a nice bumper case and two built-in cameras on the front and rear. However, the rear camera has a lower resolution than that of Nabi Dreamtab.

Leapfrog Epic comes with a 7-inch display touchscreen. The display quality is very good, too. It runs on a quad-core 1.3 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM. The performance is generally fast and smooth, but it may have some difficulty running multiple apps or a particularly demanding app. This model comes with 20 built-in apps and the kid-safe LeapSearch web browser.

If we compare the battery life of Nabi Dreamtab vs Leapfrog Epic, we will see that the Leapfrog Epic tablet can last for a longer time. You can leave it unplugged overnight and it will still have a high amount of battery by the morning.

- Android 4.4 KitKat, 8 inches Display
- NVIDIA tegra 4.0 1.6 GHz
- 16 GB flash memory, 2 GB RAM memory
- If the tablet does not turn on then hold down the volume and power button for at least 10 to 15 secs
- Remove the charging cable then plug it back
- Quad-core processor
- Innovative OS based on Android 4.4
- Robust 16GB memory
- Includes over 20 apps from LeapFrog's best games and eBooks, world-class Leap Search kid safe browser, kid-friendly utilities and more
- Vivid 2MP cameras

If you prefer a tablet that has a long battery life, choose Leapfrog Epic. This model is suitable for travels due to the longer battery life. However, if you are not really concerned about the battery life, you may want to consider Nabi Dreamtab, which has a larger display, a more powerful engine, and Dreamworks content.

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