Nabi 2S vs Nabi Jr

Which is the one that you should choose between Nabi 2S vs Nabi Jr? They are considered as the more affordable models of Nabi’s kid-friendly tablets, but there is a significant price difference between them. Nabi Jr makes a very interesting budget choice, as you can get it with a budget of about a hundred dollars. On the other hand, Nabi 2S is more expensive by about eighty or ninety dollars. Below, we will see the detailed comparisons between Nabi 2S and Nabi Jr. So, continue reading!

Size and Display
The first difference between Nabi 2S and Nabi Jr is the screen size. Indeed, as the more expensive model, Nabi 2S comes with a larger display. It has a 7.0-inch touchscreen display with an HD resolution of 1024 x 600. The display looks nice and pleasing. In addition, there is an HDMI port that you can use to connect the tablet to a larger monitor or TV to watch movies.

Meanwhile, Nabi Jr only has a 5.0-inch display. The resolution is lower at 800 x 480 pixels, but it is not so bad because the smaller screen makes the pixels tighter and sharper. Still, the graphics aren’t as smooth as Nabi 2S, and sometimes there can be some minor pixelation.

Nabi 2S has been improved from the original Nabi 2 (take a look: Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S), and the improvements include a larger storage capacity. Nabi 2S has 16 GB internal storage capacity, which is quite spacious for storing various multimedia files and installing apps. If you need more, there is a MicroSD memory card slot which supports up to 32 GB.

On the other hand, NabiJr is available in several variants. The basic model has 4 GB storage. There is a slightly more expensive model with 8 GB storage. And there is also a more expensive option with 16 GB storage, but this option is in the same price range as Nabi 2S– you should just consider getting the Nabi 2S if you need such large capacity. Nabi Jr also has a MicroSD slot that supports up to 32 GB.

Processor and Software
Nabi 2S runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat with the Blue Morpho OS overlay. It runs very smoothly, thanks to the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor. It comes with 50 pre-loaded songs. Unlike the predecessor, Nabi 2S allows access to both Google Play and the company’s own kid-friendly app store.

Nabi Jr is also powered by an Nvidia Tegra quad-core processor, which is an impressive feature. However, it apparently still runs on an older version of Android. Nevertheless, it allows access to Google Play as well as the Fuhu app store.

Battery Life
Finally, let’s consider the battery life of Nabi 2S vs Nabi Jr. As you may have expected, Nabi 2S has a bigger battery capacity which allows it to last longer. The rechargeable battery lasts for about 8 hours per charge. On the other hand, the rechargeable battery of Nabi Jr can only last for about six hours per charge.

- Display: 7-inch Multi-Touch Capacitive, Touch Screen, 1280 x 800 Pixel Resolution
- Storage: 16GB, Expandable via MicroSD (Up to 32GB) and 1GB RAM
- Input/Output: Nabi Connector, MicroSD Compatible Card Slot, 3.5 mm Standard Audio Jack, Built-In Microphone
- Processor: NVIDIA Tegra 3 Mobile Processor with Quad-Core CPU and 5th Battery-Saver Core, OS: Android 4.4 KitKat, Blue Morpho OS Overlay
- nabi Jr. is the first full-featured learning tablet built just for kids
- Great for Early Childhood Education - Comes exclusively with Wings First Steps Plus covering letters, counting and tracing for the Pre-K grade
- Great for Playing - Your toddler will enjoy instant access to over 30 pre-loaded apps and games dedicated to reading, puzzles, counting, matching, first words and more
- Kid-Safe Out of the Box - From the time nabi Jr. turns on, rest assured your toddler is in a safe and secure environment

In the end, we recommend you to choose Nabi 2S, which has a much better display, larger storage, and better battery life. It is totally worth the money.

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