Nabi 2 Vs Nabi Jr

Now with the rapid advancement of technology, it appears that the tablet device is not reserved only for adults only but to all walks of life including children. The purpose of introducing a tablet merely not just to introducing technological sophistication only, but can also be as a learning tool so that children can become smarter. Because current tablets could serve as a learning tool, adding insights as well as for the media learn to know the progress of current technology. Fuhu Inc. products and has released several products tablets, 2 of which will soon be our review on the article this time regarding Nabi 2 vs Nabi Jr.

Nabi 2
The Nabi 2 comes in a 7 inch tablet with 1024×600 HD screen resolution. It successfully places on the higher end of tablet displays available at the time. It is featured with 8GB of storage, which is expandable to 32GB with a microSD card too. With all of the existing software inside Nabi 2, there is also an 8GB base spec tends as the most important one. The rechargeable battery can last for 8 hours, which is a few hours more than other tablet’s product from Nabi. It slightly comes with an HDMI port to be hooked up to your television to make you can watch movies you loved. And it also comes preloaded with 50 songs that you will find it very helpful that it has a standard headphone jack. The processor is a powerful Quad Core NVIDIA Tegra 3. You will have no issues and doubts anymore with sluggishness on this tablet. But unfortunately, It just has one drawback and does not give access to Google Play. Google Play has a lot of educational games for kids, so the fact that the Nabi 2 does not give access poses a limit. It must be forgotten if we have Nabi XD Vs Nabi 2 previously.

Nabi Jr
The Nabi Jr comes in a 5 inch tablet with a 800×480 screen resolution. The resolution tends to come with a bit of pixelation and the graphics is not as smooth as you need. The rechargeable battery can last about 5 until 6 hours while, the processor of Nabi Jr is the powerful Quad Core NVIDIA Tegra. And as you wish, they are also of the higher end variety. For among pay $100, this is pretty amazing tablet we think. However, you will be surprised by knowing the Nabi Jr also comes with a higher price among $160 version too which holds 16GB of storage, as opposed to the current 4GB. It is good to keep thinking that half of the 4GB is already used up by the preloaded applications. Kids or children will have access to famous TV shows through Spinlets+ TV. They are Strawberry Shortcake, Madeline, Paddington Bear, and more. You also can upload some contents to the Fuhu cloud to save your storage space. And last but not least, the Nabi Jr gives access to Google Play, as it is a fully featured Android tablet.

- Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 7 inches Display
- NVIDIA Tegra 3.0 1.3 GHz
- 1GB
- Great for Early Childhood Education
- Kid-Safe Out of the Box
- Great for Playing

Both Nabi 2 vs Nabi JR are 2 of the most powerful and fully featured kids tablets existed, at that time. One of them is getting more expensive than the other while, includes better hardware too. The Nabi 2 itself has better graphics with more powerful processor. It also comes with 8GB of storage. On the other hand, the Nabi Jr comes with 4GB f storage. We absolutely will recommend you to go with the Nabi 2. Although we know the costs $60 more than the Nabi Jr base model. Actually, the Nabi Jr’s 16GB model also costs among $160. If you choose the 8GB Nabi 2, all you can do is expanding it to 32GB by adding a microSD card. But unfortunately, you cannot expand the Nabi Jr.

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