Mebo Vs Cozmo

One of the objects that were created to be played. One of the toys that are quite famous especially for boys is a toy robot. The robot is always synonymous with the characters i.e. character hero and enemy characters too. However, the toy seems to be not just belong to children only. The reason, many among the adults who also love this toy, primarily because of the sophistication of the technology that can be applied to this robot. Although the price offered is not cheap, but this toy quite a lot of interest mainly to robots Mebo and Cozmo. To select the right choice between Mebo vs. Cozmo, you guys should listen to articles we’ve made as follows.

The Skyrocket Toys Mebo Interactive Robot or often we called as Mebo Robot is another hot product on the smart toys market at the time. Mebo is featuring with six large wheels, and is also can whizz around wherever the user wants to say thanks to its own smartphone application. Beyond more movement, this robot toy is able to pick up and move all objects as well as record what it sees around the way. Moreover, through the wireless connection to the app, Mebo’s point of view becomes a viewable thing especially for the user’s smartphone thanks to the robot’s inbuilt HD camera inside the machine.

The arms and claw are also movable through the app, they make us possible to interact with it and the environment too. Not only that, Mebo can allow for audio feedback as the user can also choose to listen or even speak through it. It really comes ready set with a range of fun and quirky animations which can bring the robot to our life very soon. Another plus value in on a rechargeable battery that makes it possible for long hours of fun without feeling worry at all.

Cozmo robot seems like one of the well-known releases at the moment, and we can find in easy to see the main reasons. Cozmo is kind of combination in artificial intelligence and advanced computerized sensors and it aims to recognize faces and react to the situations around the robot’s environment. The novelty with Cozmo is knowing the fact of the actions are not pre-programmed as well as the given result, and it will have a different reaction in daily used. It is precisely this element of unpredictability that makes this robot almost do the same thing to a real-life pet.

Cozmo can play several games too, look around to take in its surroundings, move around obstacles and last action, can stop itself from falling accident. Cozmo is paired up with the owner’s smartphone app, through which it is possible to make it recognize one’s face and say the person’s name when it is spotted. In the end statements, Cozmo is a daring attempt to bring a toy to life in the most realistic way possible by interacting with Cozmo will certainly prove enjoyable especially for your child. They will have so much fun is guaranteed with Cozmo Robot.

- With 5 different points of articulation and the ability to spin 360º in place, Mebo can grasp, lift and carry nearly anything you set his mind to
- Access Mebo remotely to control him from anywhere; in the house or from the other side of the world
- With 6 all-terrain wheels and intuitive steering control, Mebo can turn on a dime, and go anywhere you want
- Compatible iOS or Android device and free downloadable Cozmo app required. New games and upgrades are unlocked the more you play
- The Cozmo SDK Beta is a connected robotics platform for makers, hobbyists, educators and researchers
- Durability and security have been rigorously tested

For those who want an easy robot to set up and use with, also has a good set features which will be further in updating the software and it is also very entertaining to play with, all choices in Cozmo. But, the price seems like too high for some of us. Mebo is featured with quality materials and durable construction and it can move through different terrains too. Your child will feel fun to play it because, it is fully interactive.

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