LeapPad 2 Vs LeapPad 1

LeapFrog have announced the current LeapPad Ultra as the top of the range kids educational tablet that ever known. The LeapPad 2 is also available alongside the new model and seems like still be a good choice for some families out there. The good news is about the released of new LeapPad 2 Power model with an included rechargeable battery which addresses the concerns that parents have had with the LeapPad 2. How about the LeapPad 1? In this article we’ll take a look at the features of LeapPad 2 vs LeapPad 1.

LeapPad 2
LeapPad 2 comes in a green or purple pinky color and it feels as much as a toy as a tablet with a 5-inch screen surrounded by an inch or more of thick plastic in all directions, thick D-Pad at the bottom and two batteries covering or handgrips on both sides Textured panel on the back. Connectivity comes into the socket for charger, another for headphone, cartridge slot and mini-USB connector. LeapPad 2 also packs the two cameras; Two megapixels snapper on the back, and one matching just above the screen. It does not produce what you call great photos, and low-light performance as noisy and lack of focus when you might expect. The touch screen really needs a stylus to work on and even then not all are responsive; An application where you have to tap twice in a fast turn can be confused easily. With a 500MHz processor, the performance is to run simple 2D games and video, but even here the movement is not always 100% smooth. Finally, LeapPad 2 runs on four AA batteries, with four alkalines provided in the box.

LeapPad 1
LeapPad has a beautiful 5-inch touch screen and unlike other fragile tablets, this one feels and looks solid. It seems quite rude to take whatever your preschooler decides to dish out. Useful wise, tablets offer a lot. While there are apps and games available for purchase (there’s no wireless on the unit, you need to tether to a PC or Mac), LeapPad comes with lots of built-in, including art studios, Disney animation studios and apps where kids can create their stories Own and personalize them with photos. Kids offer the opportunity to use existing technologies out there such as digital cameras, readers, access to apps and more, but at their own level, accordingly. Smart and thoughtful, educational games will keep them entertained and learning while giving them the opportunity to explore in a safe and controlled environment.

- The number 1 learning tablet just got better! LeapPad2 inspires kids to imagine & explore with a faster processor and 4GB for limitless learning fun!
- Capture your world in 2 ways with front & back cameras/video recorders!
- LeapPad2 comes with 5 apps: Pet Pad, Learning Songs, Art Studio, 1 app of your choice and Cartoon Director app, which lets you create your own movies!
- Introducing LeapPad Explorer, the personalized learning tablet just for kids!
- 100+ games, apps, digital books, videos and flash cards
- 2GB of memory, enabling it to host a robust suite of apps including: ultra eBooks, Story Studio, Art, Animation and Photo studios

The main difference between the LeapPad 1 vs LeapPad 2 is that LeapPad 2 has cameras instead of the current one. The LeapPad 2 also comes with both a 2MP front & back facing camera, so the pictures can be taken from either sides. The next difference is that the LeapPad 2 has twice the amount 4GB of onboard memory of the LeapPad 1 with only 2GB. The last difference is existed on the battery life in the LeapPad 2 lasts for one hour longer than the LeapPad 1. While, there is another difference is that the LeapPad 2 was built sturdier to make it is being recommended for ages of 3 to 9 years old where as the LeapPad 1 was only recommended for children ages 4 to 9 years old.

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