Leapfrog Leappad vs Vtech Innotab

Tablets for children are a great method to keep small kids from using smart devices too early. These tablets are very entertaining and can contain lots of educational games as well to keep them interested, such as the LeapFrog LeapPad Vs VTech InnoTab tablets. They are designed to offer an engaging experience for children with various age appropriate games and make learning less boring for the kids. If parents are currently considering buying one of these tablets, see below what we can expect from the device.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Manage Smart Device Usage in Children
  • What are LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab
  • How are the Design of LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab
  • How are the Apps in LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab 
  • How are the Performance of LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab
  • What Features Come in LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab
  • How are the Experience with LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab
  • LeapFrog LeapPad Vs VTech InnoTab

Developing Healthy Usage for Smart Device in Children

With how the era changes, it is getting difficult to prevent our kids from using smart devices from an early age because they are just getting more common and like a staple in every household as well. From the smartTV in the house, our smartphone, laptops, and tablets, all of them are the daily devices we are using all the time. Kids are always mimicking their parents and they learn from us so it is almost impossible to keep them away without receiving complaints.

As the parents, we should be the ones who are teaching them starting from the very early time of their life. Smart devices will be familiar with them in no time because school also uses it in the learning process; they can be a great helper and also a dangerous place for them. Because they mimic us, it is best to have a healthy habit in the house such as keeping the smart device away while making conversation and social interaction, avoid using them while driving, and mind the manner when using the device in public.

Just like we have rules at home such as when they should take a nap, finishing the food, or taking care of the toys. We have to set a clear instruction with smart devices if we decide to give them access to these tools. Don’t forget to allocate a certain amount of time for the kids to use the smart device; always set fixed hours to use them. Prevent the use of smart devices at least 2 hours before bed time and always make sure they ask your permission when downloading apps from the respective store.

Sometimes we can’t always be by their side when they use the device so we don’t have any idea about what they are doing on the internet. This can be dangerous, especially when kids start to use socializing apps because there are so many people using them and they may not yet understand how the app behaves or how people interact with each other through the application. If you decide to give them access, do make sure to always have the password so we can see the content or what they are doing in the app.

Additionally, when they are old enough to have or carry their own smart device like smartphone or tablet, we can educate the kids with age-appropriate content including safe browsing and online etiquette. We can’t protect them 100% from inappropriate content because there are just so many of them on the internet but we can educate them about the consequences and why those are bad for them so they can develop a proper understanding and be aware of the danger too.

 Leapfrog LeappadVtech Innotab
Product Dimensions0.99 x 7.5 x 5.1 inches
5.31 x 7.2 x 1.2 inches
Shipping Weight13 ounces
1 pounds

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About LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab

Children are attracted to smart devices because they are interesting and entertaining, especially with the kid’s nature to always be curious, it is just understandable that they want to know what we are doing on the phone or computers too. For smaller children or toddlers, we can try giving them tablets for kids first instead of giving access to our own from an early age. Tablets for kids exist and they are interesting as well as age-appropriately designed for very young kids.

Unfortunately the companies that made children tablets are not as many as those making the regular tablets so our options are quite limited. It can be both good and bad depending on how you see it; the options are indeed limited but we don’t have to browse a long list of options just to get one of the best tablets. LeapFrog and VTech are two of the most common options parents often choose for their growing kid when it comes to children tablets.

They made tablets that are not only entertaining but also educational to let the kids learn while playing interactive games. LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech Innotab are two alternatives you can provide the kid with, starting from a very young age or when they start to understand image and learning to count or remembering the alphabets. The brands have several models to consider based on what you need from the tablet but today we are going to compare their basic models. 

They are the LeapPad3 and InnoTab 3 which are among their older models but also very affordable as a toy for younger children. Both of them are almost like regular tablets with plenty of apps to play with but are far more limited. The apps that can be used in the device are all age-appropriate so we can rest assured about the safety and parents can control what the kids can play or use on the device but, in comparison the LeapPad is more advanced here.

LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, they are made of the same plastic housing which is prominent in children’s toys. The screen size itself is 5-inch and 4.3-inch respectively so there is an ample amount of space to see the menu and games. They do have different screen orientation however, so one is landscape and the other is a portrait. The stylus is attached to the device but we can use our fingers as well to navigate around.

Both have built-in speakers and an audio jack to attach the headphone. There are some buttons on the tablets to use the device such as the home button and the volume adjustment. In LeapPad, the round button also acts like a cursor to navigate, the same with the square button on the latter. The two have a USB port for convenience and the overall built quality is good yet not very sturdy and the screen may scratch easily if not protected. Read also: LeapFrog LeapPad Vs Epic.

LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab Apps

Now moving to the most important part, let’s see what the LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab can offer. They already come preloaded with the apps but more of general and basic applications so you can add more into the collection. The way to add more apps on both tablets are through the internet as we can buy them or from the cartridge itself which is usually sold together with the device. It is more manageable to download them but cartridges make it easy for compatibility with the older tablets.

LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab Performance

On the performance side, these tablets are not the fastest you can experience. This is probably due to their processor but, if you decide to give the kids one of the tablets, make sure that they are patient enough to use them. These devices will take quite a while to load and to run the games or apps, unlike the smartphone or our tablets. Considering the price it is not surprising but for some kids it can be frustrating so we don’t think they can suit just any young users.

There are lots of interactive games or learning games in LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab suggested for 3-9 years old kids but chances are your children will outgrow them much faster, considering how quick the smart device works today. The games provided are not free as well and some of them can be considered quite expensive so parents have to invest more than just the tablet itself if deciding with one of these options.

LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab Features

On the additional feature, these tablets are very simple and easy to understand even for very young children. They have a camera, or two cameras for LeapPad3 and one for the InnoTab 3 because the latter have a rotating camera so one is enough to take a picture from both front and back. The camera resolution is probably not that useful but it is a kid’s tablet and if you have used some of the very early phone’s camera, the quality is kind of similar.

LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab Experience

Lastly on the impression side, we did hope LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab are faster than they were. If the kids have used our smartphone or tablets they will notice the difference and probably won’t settle for the tablet instead of ours. InnoTab also uses 4 AA batteries for this tablet which is surprising in this day and age but we can opt to use the rechargeable ones to make it less expensive. In addition, only LeapPad3 comes with Wi-Fi, VTech does have a similar offering with InnoTab 3S so with this tablet we need the USB to purchase apps.

Leapfrog Leappad vs Vtech Innotab

These tablets are actually very interesting for kids to prevent them from using the parent’s device. There are lots of apps we can buy to provide them with interesting games and learning functions too through the store or cartridge. In comparison LeapPad is slightly faster to load and already has Wi-Fi for the LeapPad3 version which the InnoTab 3 is not yet. It also uses a rechargeable battery instead of 4AA, and the stylus comes attached to the unit once it is out of the box.

- LeapPad3 is the high-performance, fun-packed Wi-Fi tablet that allows kids to learn and play in a way that's just right for them Ages 3-9
- Access the most engaging learning library for kids' tablets, with 1,000+ educator-approved games, apps, eBooks, videos and more (Sold separately )
- With Wi-Fi and Leap Search powered by Zui, children can explore kid-friendly web content that is 100% pre-screened and approved by learning experts
- Features Wi-Fi, rechargeable battery, AC Adapter, 4GB memory, parent controls, light-touch capacitive screen, two cameras and more
- Innovative and educational
- Great fun for children, toddlers, and infants
- Designed to be safe and durable
- More compact and lightweight design


Parents can choose based on the kid’s preference or which sounds like the better option but we will recommend getting the LeapFrog LeapPad, such as the LeapPad3 to enjoy many of its benefits or add a little bit more and get the higher options from both brands.


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