LeapFrog LeapPad VS LeapStart

Buying an interactive toy can be a great solution to keep your kids both entertained and learning something at the same time. There are actually lots of educational toys such as LeapFrog LeapPad Vs LeapStart to try if your kids love the interactive features. These toys are also quite affordable but they are not identical with the tablet LeapPad being the higher choice. If you wonder which to buy next, let’s see what these two can offer here.


In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Buy Educational Toys for Children
  • What are LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart
  • How are the Design of LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart
  • How to Use LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart
  • How are the Features in LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart
  • How are the Experience with LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart
  • LeapFrog LeapPad Vs LeapStart

Buying Toys for Children

Being a parent we consider our kids wellbeing and the development since the day we know they will come to our family. Parents are often confused about what toys they have to buy for their kids however, because we want them to both enjoy the time and also learn something from it. The connection between education and play time has been long discovered but as the technology gets more advanced, the definition and options may shift and now parents are faced with an overwhelming amount to choose from.

Children’s toys don’t have to be expensive or high-tech but the best toys are probably those that are simple and open-ended. For starters parents can provide their kids with crayons, markers, and plain paper with stickers or envelopes to encourage their thinking about writing in general. More traditional options such as blocks, legos, and stacking toys or shape sorters are also very simple and helpful for the small children to develop small muscles on their hands and fingers before learning to write.

We as parents often buy things that we like instead of what the kids want. It is understandable because each parent may have their own personal preference too but, do consider that we are buying it for the kids and this is why their preference matters most. Before they can interact with the toys or use them to play and learn, they need to get interested first. Ask your kids about what they want or buy the toys that match their interest.

For example many children love dolls and playing house with their siblings or friends. Parents may want to gift them with dollhouses such as Barbie Dream House Vs Frozen Castle which are both fun and look pretty, moreover if they are also interested in the character or series where the toys are based on. This type of toy that can help the children play pretend is great to help develop their creativity while at the same time promoting language and literacy skills.

If you have the time to always monitor their play time, parents may want to try toys that encourage them to explore the real world as well. It can be just a simple binoculars or a bug-catching kit which should be pretty useful outdoors, moreover if you live in a house with a large backyard to safely explore. For the families living in modern cities who rarely can do this exploration, choosing a device that can help them develop their curiosity without feeling bored while doing it can be a great solution too.

 LeapFrog LeapPadLeapFrog LeapStart
Product Dimensions0.98 x 9.41 x 5.96 inches
1.9 x 9.7 x 11.3 inches
Shipping Weight1 pounds
2.43 pounds
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About LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart

There are more than plenty of toys that we can buy for our children and as a basic guide the age appropriate options is where we can find the collection and to shop quickly. We can also see what the kid is interested in lately such as their favorite cartoon character or superhero character to find something related to the theme they are currently interested in. If they often play with your smart device, try getting the tablet for kids with safety features and limited ability.

For parents whose kids are often playing with their smart device like smartphone or tablet, we can try to substitute the device with age appropriate toys such as what LeapFrog is famous for. Many parents may have known this brand from stores or ads and recommendations. They are well-known for the children tablet and one of the best in the market at a decent price point but they are also offering many other modern, interactive and educational toys, especially for young children and older toddlers.

The LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart are two ideal options from the collection if your kids love interactive toys. They are far different from each other however because one is a real tablet device while the other is a hybrid of a picture book and audio learning function. In terms or price LeapPad will be much more expensive and have richer features including being connected to your Wi-Fi too. It is almost like a real tablet but with far less advanced features.

In comparison LeapStart is simpler with pictures printed on paper. There are two versions of this toy but the one we are comparing today is the new 3D variant. It is very much the same as the older LeapStart but now comes with a small display that shows the animation. Both are interactive and fun to play along with many different materials to learn. We do think LeapPad can be more fun for older children while the LeapStart is ideal for younger kids.

LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart Design

As you can see, the LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart are quite different. The LeapStart is like a book with a hard plastic case so you can open and view the pages inside. These pages are colorful and contain learning materials that are accessed using the built-in stylus. There is a small folding display at the top where children can see the character they are touching with the stylus. Parents can buy more of the materials aside from the one coming in the device.

On the other hand, the LeapPad is almost like a real tablet but is designed like a toy. It has a 7-inch display which is claimed to be shatter-free but it doesn’t mean they are not going to break or be damaged. The device is also made of plastic with a stylus attached on a string cord and a dedicated slot to store the accessories. Both of them are battery powered but LeapPad is rechargeable while to use the LeapStart we need three regular or rechargeable AA batteries.

Operating LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart 

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart can offer starting from how to use them. The manual will be very helpful but these toys are actually quite simple once the kids are used to them. For starters the LeapPad is like any regular tablet so it has apps coming built-in the device. The games and themes will vary based on the title so the kid can try various different materials. It comes with basic apps too such as clock, date, calculator, and voice memo.

As for the LeapStart, there is no display that can be accessed using the stylus but the book itself is acting like one. Instead of a moving picture, the book contains interactive pictures like characters or numbers. When the kid touches this picture with the stylus, the audio and information will come from the speaker and also display. It is a simple game and learning feature with expandable materials that parents can buy separately covering math, problem solving, creative expression, and learning to read.

LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart Features

Next on the feature for LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart, the latter comes with the more basic functions including speaker and small display; the volume can be adjusted and there is a headphone jack too for a quiet play time. The LeapPad on the other hand comes with many including the built-in cameras both at the front and back. It is a 2MP camera and looks decent for a children’s tablet but don’t expect it to look like a smartphone or real tablet because the picture is dark and grainy.

This children tablet also comes with a speaker and a headphone jack to play quietly. This version is LeapPad Ultimate and can’t access the Academy feature like some of the other variants from the brand. It can however access more apps from the company’s app store via download or you can buy the cartridge.

LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart Experience 

Lastly for the experience, both LeapFrog LeapPad and LeapStart are fun to play with. The main difference is since there is no large monitor or display on LeapStart, the children won’t be fixated on the monitor. The LeadPad however is richer and probably more fun for older and for longer because there is much more to explore here and parents can expand the game or apps too. It is safe because only chosen apps and websites that have been approved are accessible from the device.

LeapFrog LeapPad Vs LeapStart

The main difference between these interactive toys are LeapPad being richer in features as well as learning materials and educational games. Since it is software based, we can expand the collection until the kid is familiar and find nothing left to learn from the apps. The LeapStart is great for smaller or younger children with its limited features and material. It is also more affordable so most parents can buy one for their kids or one for each of them.

- This ultimate kid-tough tablet features a 7" shatter-safe screen, multi-touch capacitive screen and a built-in bumper for durability
- Includes $110 worth of learning games, apps and videos that kids can play right away
- Access to a library of content including award-winning apps and cartridges featuring kids’ favorite characters
- Exclusive Just-for-Me learning technology built into many of the learning games adapts the curriculum to a more or less challenging level to keep kids engaged and motivated
- Engages kids through books, audio and 3D-like animations for an experience that reinforces learning and helps kids better understand the concepts
- Interact with the on-screen animations by using the stylus to tap on the pictures and words to explore reading, counting, problem solving and more
- Most replayable activities have two levels WITH more than 50 key skills per grade level covering a variety of preschool through first grade subjects
- Includes 700+ activities across a library of more than 25 books (sold separately), which includes two learn to read book sets


There are many good interactive toys to play with and these two are very fun for young children. We do recommend LeapPad for older children or if you want the toy to be interesting for longer. But, for the younger kids to prevent them from looking at a monitor too long, the LeapStart can be a great choice too.

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