LeapFrog LeapPad vs Amazon Fire

With how modern tech is now moving so fast, it can bring some harmful impact for the younger children when they are exposed to content or information not appropriate to their age. But, parents can still very much manage their smart device usage with children tablets like LeapFrog LeapPad Vs Amazon Fire. These tablets are designed to have limited capabilities but also fun and engaging for children to use. If you wonder which to buy, let’s see the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Do Kids Need Tablets
  • What are LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire
  • How are the Design of LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire
  • How to Setup LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire
  • How are the Apps in LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire
  • How are the Experience with LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire
  • LeapFrog LeapPad Vs Amazon Fire

Kids Tablets

The era is moving quickly, we are getting old and our kids are growing as well. There are things that weren’t used to be a problem back then but now we are faced with lots of new things such as smart devices which essentially a helpful tool for productivity and useful in our everyday activities from making and editing files, communicating with your family or coworkers, as well as a media to see what’s happening in the world and entertainment.

Through these smart devices we are working on various projects or even one of the sources of your income as well. It is overall a great advantage compared to how our parents are dealing with jobs and tasks back in the day. But, now we are also facing a new issue, and as parents we have worried so much about our growing kids. Unfortunately these smart devices are not as safe as they are for adults because children can access things that they are not supposed to know yet.

This way comes the question whether it is wise to give them access to smart devices or even to give them actual smart devices like tablets or smartphones. Essentially they view these smart equipment as “toys” because what interests them in most cases is the games or colorful animation they can watch on the screen. Unlike computers that have plenty of buttons to press even though it is just a keyboard, a tablet or smartphone looks very easy to use.

They can just swipe the finger and the image will move or the next page will show. It is kind of amazing how children or even toddlers quickly learn the motion to use these devices and the way they are designed to be intuitive, it is not rare to see toddlers who are familiar with tablets before they can utter coherent words yet. Especially for toddlers or very young children, they don’t need tablets and regular age-appropriate toys should be enough.

 LeapFrog LeapPadAmazon Fire
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Shipping Weight1.61 pounds11.9 ounces
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It will change when the kid is growing or reaching the age where they are learning to read and enriching the vocabulary from various items they can see around them. Tablets can be very helpful as learning tools when they already understand the tasks. The reason why they are great is because you can access countless learning apps on the device, such as learning the name of animals and how to write them based on the picture given and so on. Read also: Barbie Dream House Vs Frozen Castle here.

About LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire

But, also consider the other aspect of smart devices where they can open the browser or download inappropriate apps based on ads or anything they probably hear from their surroundings. It can be dangerous, especially if we are also giving them freedom to own and use their own social media without our proper monitoring. If parents still want to give their kids a tablet, we can opt for the kids tablet instead because they are designed with limited freedom for parents to put safety measurements.

While may not be as popular as regular tablets like iPad or other brands, kids tablets have their own market with several brands offering their products as alternatives for parents who want to give their kids a smart device that is still appropriate for their age. Namely LeapFrog and Amazon are two of the most common choices out there and it is quick to shop from these brands as we can find their products easily, along with a wider range to opt for.

For those who want to give their kids a tablet, consider the LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire series to buy. These specific models are suitable for both learning and entertainment but also not the same and for the exact variant, we are comparing the LeapPad Academy and Amazon Fire 7-inch size which both are about the same in terms of price point. They are also among the most popular models from the respective brands’ collections so most kids will love how they work.

In general the LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire are very similar to each other and almost the same with typical tablets as well. You can find plenty of apps here that can be downloaded but one thing we want to mention for any of these kids tablets is that parents have to prepare a budget to buy whatever apps that interest the kids since to open the full potential, these apps are mostly not free. There is also some learning curve as well for parents but the overall experience with these tablets are fun and engaging for children.

LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire Design

Before checking what these tablets can offer, let’s see the unit first and as you can see, there is lots of plastic here. But, they are actually separated into the case and tablet, and the chunky outer is the case that comes installed out of the box. In comparison the LeapPad has two thick handles on each side. For the Amazon Fire, this is the 7-inch variant, the same with LeapPad so the two will have two identical screen sizes, and the same 1024×600 pixel too.

When you flip the tablet, there is a stand at the back of the unit and we can flip it open to help the tablet to stand on its own. We have difficulties opening this flap on Amazon Fire but you will get used to it apparently and it is very robust too. LeapPad always gives a stylus but Amazon does not and the stylus here is attached to a string to prevent the kids from losing them. The tip of the stylus is soft however so it won’t scratch the screen.

LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire Setup

Moving further, let’s see what LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire can offer to you but first let’s set up the device. What you will need to do when powering up these tablets is setting up a connection and language as well as the kid’s profiles. Yes, we can add several kids to these tablets and add different profiles so each user will have their own game and setup separated or saved into the different user’s profiles. This usually involves the name, gender, and age of the kids.

LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire Apps

On the app selection, there are some that come in the tablet but in general they are quite bare. This is the costly part actually because these apps are not free and we have to spend some to purchase them through the store. Since Amazon Fire comes with the Amazon App Store, we don’t have to do much work, just set up an account and download from it just like with Google Play but LeapPad usually don’t have this app installed yet and Google Play is not available for the device so our choice is installing Amazon’s app too.

In addition, LeapPad also has their own store and we can find lots of interesting apps here as well. The Academy series such as the one we are comparing here have some of the most interesting learning functions, the most prominent is the LeapPad Academy itself which is subscription based and surprisingly, while it is not compatible with just any tablets from LeapFrog, it is actually compatible with Amazon Fire. What you need is a subscription which starts at $7.9 per month or $39.9 for a 12-month plan to enjoy this learning curriculum.

LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire Experience 

Lastly for the experience, the touch screens of LeapFrog LeapPad and Amazon Fire are responsive so we believe the kids are having fun while playing with them. The bad side is battery life from both tablets are very poor but if your kids are fine with using them while the cable is plugged, then they can last for a long time. What we love about LeapPad, especially the Academy, is that the handles on both sides are rounded and they are not as chunky which is good to fit on a kid’s smaller hands.

LeapFrog LeapPad vs Amazon Fire

Both of these kids tablets are very similar and they can use the same apps as well as long as the app can be downloaded from Amazon App Store and LeapPad store which is native to the LeapFrog’s system. Do note that not all apps from LeapFrog will be compatible with all tablets from the company. The operating systems are reliable and quite fast as well so we do think they are on par with each other when it comes to overall performance.

- Enjoy a kid-friendly Android tablet that's packed with 20+ educational apps and creative tools designed by LeapFrog learning experts.
- Explore LeapSearch, LeapFrog's kid-friendly web browser and add to learning with kid-friendly websites and videos
- Includes a three-month free trial of LeapFrog Academy, an interactive learning program that progressively guides children on learning adventures. 1024 x 600 screen resolution
- Parents can download popular Android apps or choose from over 750 games, apps, videos, and music (sold separately) from the LeapFrog Learning Library
- Create screen time limits, set educational goals, and filter content with easy-to-use parental controls.
- The included year of Amazon Kids + (FreeTime Unlimited) gives your children access to more than 20,000 apps, games, books, videos, audiobooks, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney and more. Your subscription will automatically renew each month starting at just $ 2.99 per month plus applicable taxes. You can cancel it at any time by visiting Amazon Parent Dashboard or by contacting Customer Service.
- Amazon Kids + includes thousands of Spanish-language Audible books, videos, apps, games, and audiobooks.
- Save up to $ 89 on a full-featured Fire 7 tablet (not a toy), 1 year of Amazon Kids + (FreeTime Unlimited), a kid-friendly protective case with built-in stand, and a 2-year worry-free warranty, compared with items purchased separately.


You can go well with any of them but the LeapPad gives access to their own system with addition to Amazon App Store so if parents want to give a wider amount of games and apps, this tablet is a great choice but even from the Amazon App, there are already plenty to download.

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