LeapFrog Epic Vs LeapPad Platinum

There are a lot of children’s learning tablets as the replacement of nowadays gadget but in kid’s version. The price might be over and under $100 for getting features like investment of more games, applications, music and headphones. To make a choice, you need to do research or if you do not want you can just read the review below. We have not mentioned the title yet, LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum.

LeapFrog Epic
LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad 3 was the newest before it will be changed by this review. LeapFrog Epic has 7 inch screen with a large bezel and it is made by a plastic shell and also a large removable silicon bumper surrounded as a protection from any knock and bashes. It has also array buttons with a touchscreen and an in-built stylus pen. In addition, there is a headphone jack to keep the noise from outside environment. The specifications come as a common table. LeapFrog Epic features 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB of on-board storage, a microSD slot, and Bluetooth with 8012.11b/g WiFi. There are also front and rear cameras, 6 hours battery life, and one-year warranty on the Epic. The homescreen is interactive that make your kids will be so much fun, for example on the weather forecast and a ‘word of the day’ game. Moreover, you will get six app icons reside at the bottom of the tablet and you can also drag all apps from the app tray to replace the default ones. It is available for its calendar app, calculator, clock, notepad, voice recorder, music player, gallery, and videos. Plus, there are already existed with 2 games namely PetPadParty and Stretchy Monkey.

LeapPad Platinum
LeapFrog LeapPad launches Platinum designed specifically for children. LeapPad Platinum built so tough for kids with a screen and a sturdy frame. A tablet that brings the landscape screen 7 inch has a Quad-core processor and internal memory capacity of 8 GB. LeapPad also has two cameras, each using the sensor resolution 2MP. In addition, the camera is capable of recording video with 480 pixels quality. Tablets that are made especially for children it also supports web browsers only provide content for children, children’s videos, and stories. LeapPad is indeed only provides internet connection that is safe for children. Not only that, LeapFrog has a store applications that offer more than 500 games, eBooks, and videos that can be downloaded from the LeapPad. More remarkably, LeapFrog only allow parents to download applications and games on the store LeapFrog. Connect with a friend on a peer-to-peer enabled LeapPad, and have your pets play together. Unlock more gameplay with 6 bonus LeapFrog Imagicard digital game and interactive cards.

- The most advanced Android-based tablet from LeapFrog, the Epic is uniquely designed to grow with your child and ignite endless learning and creative play
- Excite your kids with a virtual world they create on the LeapFrog Epic 7" Tablet. Manage what, when and how long each child plays with best-in-class parents controls for up to 3 profiles
- Exclusive to LeapFrog, the LeapFrog Epic 7" Tablet includes Just for Me Learning technology that personalizes select games to challenge kids as they grow
- Dive into over 20 kid-favorite android apps and the world-class kid-safe web with the LeapSearch browser. Easily add websites to your Epic tablet as your child matures
- This tablets durable design is complete with a shatter-safe LCD screen and protective bumper for everyday drops and bumps
- The leapfrog leappad platinum tablet features a 7” hi-res multi-touch capacitive screen with sharp, crisp graphics, a fast and powerful processor and a sleek design
- A safe, protected web browser serves up a ton of kid-appropriate videos and more—all reviewed or approved by learning experts
- Access leapfrog's engaging learning library, with 1,000+ games and more (sold separately) designed or approved by leapfrog educators with select titles featuring just for me learning.
- Exciting, interactive, gamplay with leapfrog imagicard. Unlock more gameplay with 6 bonus leapfrog imagicard digital game and interactive cards including a demo game, photo fun, trivia and more (game download required)
- This tablets durable design is complete with a shatter-safe lcd screen and protective bumper for everyday drops and bumps

There is a question How do you decide between buying LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum tablet? It is important since your child will play it in daily. Well, it seems like LeapFrog Epic wins the features such a longer battery life about more than 6 hours, while LeapPad Platinum is just for 5 hours. The other feature is on memory which is 16GB vs 8GB. And the important one is you can download the other application on device for more content.

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