Joking Hazard vs What Do You Meme

Joking Hazard and What Do You Meme are two adult card games that used pictures card in their play. Both use the same concept but comes with different set of cards. If you are Cyanide & Happiness fan or if enjoy making meme, you may want to try playing them.

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– What is Joking Hazard and What Do You Meme
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– Joking Hazard vs What Do You Meme

About Joking Hazard
Joking Hazard is a card game by the creator of Cyanide & Happiness webcomic. This card game is also based on the comic and unlike another card game where the cards contains phrases or words, Joking Hazard cards are filled with picture and text or comic. This game is a Kickstarter project that was released in 2016. If you are familiar with the Cyanide & Happiness, you will most likely to love the jokes they put on their cards. Most of them are ironic or cruel and definitely not suitable for children. The card game itself is intended to be played by 18 y/o or above.

How to Play Joking Hazard
Joking Hazard is played by completing the comic with adding more card to existing card to make the most sense. First, you have to select the judge and then all players have to draw 7 cards. Second, the judge will take one card from the deck facing up and add one from his own hand; the judge can place it in left or right side whichever makes the most sense. Third, other players will fill the third panel by drawing one card from their hand and placing it down to the judge, then the judge have to choose which card makes the best comic and so on.

About What Do You Meme
What Do You Meme is a card game made by a social media sensation FuckJerry, which consist of three people; Elliot Tebele, Ben Kaplan, and Ellie Ballas. This card game is launched on Kickstarter in late 2016. In each box of What Do You Meme, there is 435 cards including 360 caption cards and 75 photo cards. Just how the name sound, this game is played by combing a picture with a phrase to create “meme”. What Do You Meme is intended for teens and adult or people above 17 y/o. Children is not advised to play the game, since it still contains some profanity. You can play What Do You Meme start from 3 to 20 players. You may also expand the deck by purchasing additional packs. If you are interested on similar game, you may want to read our article on Joking Hazard vs Cards Against Humanity here.

How to Play What Do You Meme
What Do You Meme is very easy to play. First, every players have to draw 7 cards from the deck and the player with most Instagram follower will be the judge (Jerry). Second, Jerry have to pick one card and place it facing up in the middle of the table. Third, other player then pick one card from their hand and gives it to Jerry facing down. Fourth, Jerry have to read all the caption and make sure the cards are visible by other players. Fifth, Jerry have to pick one card with the most interesting phrase to be the winner for the round. For the next round, the player that sit in Jerry’s left will be the next Jerry.

Now, let’s compare Joking Hazard with What Do You Meme. Both of them are card games that intended for older teenagers and adult. They use the same mechanism but have different kind of cards. Joking Hazard cards are all picture with caption or comic, while What Do You Meme contain picture cards and phrases cards. Both of them are equally funny, but Joking Hazard contains more dark humor than What Do You Meme, which is milder.

Joking Hazard vs What Do You Meme

- Joking Hazard is an EXTREMELY not-for-kids party game from the minds of Cyanide & Happiness, the hit webcomic.
- Three or more players compete to build funny and terrible comics about friendship, violence, sex, and everything in between.
- 360 panel cards (including 10 add-your-own-words cards) combine to form millions of awful situations, and sometimes nice ones.
- High quality cards can be burned for heat after society collapses.
- The #1 top-selling Toy & Game item on Amazon worldwide!
- The adult party game everyone's talking about, brought to you by the Fuckjerry team
- Compete with friends and family to create the funniest memes
- 435 cards (360 caption cards and 75 photo cards)

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Both are equally funny for different humor taste and really fun when played together with your friends. In our opinion, for those who loves dark humor should try playing Joking Hazard.

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