Hubsan X4 Vs X4 Plus

Among many drones marketed, there are some of them has uniqueness and features that we needs for flying a drone. If we want to fly a drone and that is all, so that a basic drone will be best for you and the otherwise. Drone companies which best known issued this types of drone are Hubsan. The popular mini drone from Hubsan is Hubsan X4. In the other hand another model is presented by Hubsan company which is still in the same and upgraded version of X4. It is Hubsan X4 Plus. What are differences? This article will discuss about both of them.

Hubsan X4 is a mini drone with good performance and affordable price. Hubsan X4 comes with simple design and good agility. There is no camera. So, this drone is presented for beginners or learners who want try flying drone without worrying about the damage. Hubsan X4 is also stable and the weight is very light. You can use this drone indoor or outdoor. This drone is easy to fly so this drone is very recommended for you who want to try your first drone before you purchase another model in higher class and an expensive one. The battery capacity is 240 mAh with 7 minutes flight time.

Hubsan X4 Plus comes with headless mode which makes it fly easier than before. Hubsan X4 Plus is upgraded version for Hubsan X4. The latest 6-axis flight control system is easier than ever to control, with stronger wind resistance, and greater stability. The new lightweight air frame offers great durability and a sporty look, not too tiny, yet not too big, great for both indoor and outdoor flying. This drone is the good choice for the beginner or professional users. The battery capacity is 520 mAh with 7 minutes flight time claimed by company.

- Durable one piece main frame
- Precision 6 axis gyro
- Ready to Fly
- 4 channel 2.4Ghz control
- High capacity LiPO battery
- Diagonal motor distance: 112mm
- Motor size: 8mm
- Weight: 40g (with battery)
- Flight time: approximately 10 minutes
- Battery: 3.7V 520mAh Li Po

Hubsan X4 Vs X4 Plus
From this article, the conclusion is both Hubsan X4 and Hubsan X4 Plus is the mini drones with great performance. Hubsan X4 Plus is the better version of Hubsan X4. With some features added. Hubsan X4 and X4 Plus offers you best experience of using simple designed drone with good agility and flexibility which you can buy for affordable price. The decision is depending on you. Hubsan X4 Plus is good for both beginner and professional users. If you are not satisfied enough with X4, Hubsan X4 Plus will help you with the value added.

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