Hubsan X4 Vs Syma X11

These days the using of drone is increasing widely. In the past time, people knew the drones as unmanned aircraft which is controlled remotely. Drone in the past was used to military needs especialy for spy on also search and rescue. Since the drone is controlled remotely, it is used by the military to do the dangerous mission that impossible for the people as the pilot to operate it. Now the using of drone is very common even for ordinary people though. One of things which you need to know is its type. Mostly the type of drone are made for two purposes. The first is for military use, the second is for commercial use. The other thing that you need to know the drone is divided based on its size and specification too. In this article, we will compare the drones based on their brand Hubsan X4 with Syme X11.

Hubsan X4 is the drone or quadcopter which is made in china. It is drone with the futuristic design and affordable prices. If you look for the small drone which is best selling in 2015. Hubsan X4 is the answer. What is the strength and weakness of it? If you plan to buy Hubsan X4 you need to know it furthermore for comparing it with other drone products. Hubsan X4 is made in small size, so you can call it mini drone. The design of this Hubsan X4 is simple adjusting with its size. (See also: Hubsan X4 Vs Estes Proto X)

However, don’t try to underestimate this product because of the size, the added value is Hubsan X4 can maneuver flips and rolls 360 degree. The control using in high frequency with many function. Hubsan X4 is made from strong material so it will not broken easily. The speed also stable enough. Hubsan X4 is not durable especially in flight time that only 7 minutes in the air. Since there is no camera you will need to add other tools to make the performance better at the time you use it.

The second product is Syma X11. Similar with Hubsan X4, this product is also a china product. It is the quadcopter product with GYRO technology which is making this product flying more stable and flexible. The weight of this product also approximately near of Hubsan x4 because its size as small as Hubsan x4. Syma x11 with lightweight design so that it will safe from falling or bumps. Xyma x11 is able to move to 4 directions because it has the 4 channel feature. The weakness is the propellers are brittle and will break if they contact hard objects and gears need checking and cleaning – hair, lint, dust can easily clog.

- Permits super stable flight. With 4 channels
- Lightweight airframe with nice durability
- Latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity
- Camera: 0.3 MP video recording module included (requires a Micro SDHC card)
- 4-ways flip(left, right, forward, backward)
- Indoor/Outdoor 4 Channel Remote Control Quadcopter
- 6 Axis Stabilization System for smooth flight
- Includes 1 prop guard and a spare set of 4 propellers
- 4 AA batteries Required for the Controller
- 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum Technology Controller.

Hubsan X4 Vs Syma X11
From the discussion above, you can choose which one is better for you according to your need from the feature which they offers. If you need the mini drone, simple, and stable, you can try using Hubsan X4. If you want the lightweight, the easy moving one and also stable and flexible in using it, choose Syma X11. As the additional information, both of the product have LED light so both of them are able to be used in the night.

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