Hubsan X4 Vs Estes Proto X

Talking about drone, drone has many function and widely used by the people these days. Hubsan X4 and Estes Proto X are both the brand of drone or quadcopter which is made in china with small size and reliable to use. The drone is used for hobby, record or take picture or video remotely, move the items from one to another place and also can be used to military use. Nowadays, many brands of drone showing up in the market. Both of the drones are Hubsan X4 and Estes Proto X. If you find the product and you are confused to choose between Hubsan X4 or Estes Proto X we will discuss both of them in this article in detail

Hubsan X4
Hubsan X4 has small size, simple design and solid material which is make it more stable and fly speedly when we use it. Hubsan X4 is available with affordable price so it will easier getting the attention of people who like to try the drone product or having hobby towards drone or quad copter but having small budget. Hubsan X4 is able to maneuver 360 degree because of its size and design, so this product will be more powerful and you can use it without worrying it will be bumping because the risk for it is smaller from using the bigger drone. Hubsan X4 is also equipped with LED light so that you can operate it in the dark night. The minus of this product is about its endurance and the completeness of the features. This drone is able to use for approximately 7 minutes in the air and this product has no camera feature and if you need camera or something else you need to add it yourself in the drone before using it.

Estes Proto X
Estes Proto X is smallest drone which is called as the nano drone or quadcopter ever. Estes claims it’s one of the lightest quad copters in the world with a weight of 0.4 oz (11.3 g).Since it is very small the weight is very light and flexible so you can use it indoor or outdoor. Estes Proto X is also equipped with LED light so that you can use it in the night. After you fully charging the batteries, you can use it for 10-15 minutes, the duration is very relatives. Comparing it with Husband X4. This product is also taking approximately 30 minutes to charge the battery from 0 until 100% charged. Because of its small size, it is difficult to find or observe it from long distance. This product has not camera and if you have big hand it will rather uncomfortable to use the controller.

- Permits super stable flight. With 4 channels
- Lightweight airframe with nice durability
- Latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity
- Camera: 0.3 MP video recording module included (requires a Micro SDHC card)
- 4-ways flip(left, right, forward, backward)
- Flies easily in any open indoor area.
- Lights add to the fun when flying in the dark.
- 2.4GHz controller links only to your aircraft, so multiple aircraft can fly together.
- The triple-axis, three-accelerometer gyro features an Auto-Upright system for self-correcting flight
- Recharge quickly with the included USB charge cord.

Hubsan X4 Vs Estes Proto X
The conclusion is if you want to buy the mini drone with the light weight and simple design also can be used in the night you can buy Husband X4 and if you want the smaller one try this nano drone. It is really recommended for you who have hobby using drone as the remote toy and plan to use it indoor or in limited space area to use Estes Proto X. The both Husband X4 and Estes Proto X are designed as your need and purpose.

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