Gloomhaven vs Massive Darkness

Game have evolve so much today we can play them in devices that will make the experience feels like real due to technology advances. However, not all people prefer them and there are still so many who like playing them in a more traditional way like with any board game. There are so many interesting board games out there such as Gloomhaven vs Massive Darkness. If you also interested in them, go check these games below to see which suit your taste better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a Dungeon Crawler game
– What are Gloomhaven and Massive Darkness
– How to play Gloomhaven and Massive Darkness
– Gloomhaven vs Massive Darkness

Dungeon Crawler Board Game
There are tons of board games out there with different theme and how to play featured with so many interesting characters and tactics to let the players enjoy them more and just like many things, not all of them will please us. People have different taste and this is why we can’t say that one is the best for other players may feel different and it is perfectly fine because this diversity will also supply us with many new things we may never see before.

If you are the type who like dungeon crawler type of board game or video games, the options seems to grow fast in the last several years due to the popularity of game in general itself. They may look the same but not all of them will give us the same experience and depend on how well the creator designed them, we can both enjoy and dislike them. Their price may also vary but most of them are affordable with a huge set of characters, set, cards and other supporting items inside.

About Gloomhaven
Among those many we can try in the market, Gloomhaven is one of the best and recommended by so many people by being an amazing and interesting board game to try. This one is having a legacy style, dungeon crawler board game that will allow the players to control an imaginary characters throughout their career. Gloomhaven is designed by Isaac Childres and published by Cephalofair Games in 2017. Until now, they are still among the most popular in the category along with several other similar games.

The main goal of this game is we have to make our character finish their personal quest and advance the overall campaign. At certain stage, these characters will have to retire and let us continue with a new one.

Playing Gloomhaven
One of the interesting things about Gloomhaven that made it different from many other similar games available is it employs a unique dice-less combat system in which player controls their own character with a deck of action cards with so many list of abilities. These cards are divided into 2 section with separate effect but typically, the top action is attack-oriented and the bottom part is commonly related to movement or support abilities. The game can be played for up to 4 players but the suggested number is 3.

When playing, in each player’s turn we will choose two cards out of our hand to trigger the top action on one card while the bottom action is for another. As players resolve their turns, some cards will have to go to discard pile but they can be refreshed later when character “rest” while some other have to be gone and cannot be used for the remainder of the scenario. Each time we “rest” or character, we have to lose one action card from “lost” pile.

This is why we have to wisely manage when to “rest” our character and use “lost” card abilities since the amount of cards available in our hand will shrink over time. When we run out of cards, our character will become exhausted and out for reminder of the scenario.

About Gloomhaven
Since there are so many options out there, it feels lacking if we don’t see around other options as well and if you like a board game like Gloomhaven, then you will probably also took an interest at Massive Darkness. This one is also popular and published at the same year as the other. As for the amount of player, it can be played from 1 up to 6 people but the suggestion recommend us to play it with only 4 people.

Massive Darkness is a type of cooperative dungeon crawler based on Zombicide system which our group of adventurers will fight the enemies or monsters like goblin and orcs or demons then more when we progress later into the game. The game is supposed to be played by players above 14 y/o but as long as children is comfortable with keeping track of their cards and stats, in our opinion they can enjoy this game as well.

Playing Massive Darkness
Before we can play Massive Darkness, we have to set the stage first and it is a bit complicated to explain, so it is better to check the manual book available to properly set them up. When all ready and it is our turn in beginning level, most activities will be moving, opening doors and pick things up. When opening a door, there will be rewards and punishment depend on the room and with a multi square room, generally they will have a mix of treasure and monster.

When in range of enemy, we can do an attack, which is 1-2 squares for magic and 1 within line of sight for ranged. Pick the yellow or red dice that correspond to the number next to our weapon for a hero while for a defender, pick the blue or green dice corresponds next to their shield, if any. These dice will decide what happens next; for example shield will cancel out sword while diamond and “bam” symbol can have extra damage.

Now, let’s compare Gloomhaven with Massive Darkness. The prominent difference between this games seems to be in their hardness level because MD is very light compared to Gloomhaven which will required the player to think more and rather than a classic RPG-ish, it is more like a puzzle game. Massive Darkness is fun to play, we can finish them real quick and a better option for those who want to play in group and do it just to spend spare times.

Gloomhaven vs Massive Darkness

- For 1-4 players
- 60-120 minute playing time
- A game of euro-inspired tactical combat in a persistent world of shifting motives
- For 1-6 players
- 90 minute playing time
- The story mode comes with 10 unique guests in the campaign

All in all, both of them are a good board game with dungeon crawler theme. However, we have different taste and probably will like different things but between both of them, if you need a more serious one that will require you to not only enjoy but to spend some moment thinking, we will recommend you to choose Gloomhaven.

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