Fort Magic vs Crazy Fort

As a parent, we want to let our children enjoy their childhood by spending their time to play and learn new things. Children are very active and curious but also very creative with their way of thinking. To support their growth, we can supply them with interesting toys like Fort Magic vs Crazy Forts. Both of them allow children to build a fort with their many construction sticks. If you are also confused about which to choose, go check them below to see which the better option is.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a Fort Toys
– What are Fort Magic and Crazy Fort
– What Fort Magic and Crazy Fort can offer to you
– Fort Magic vs Crazy Fort

Fort Building Toys
It seems that almost all children love forts no matter if they are boy or girl for it is indeed a fun thing to do. We remember in our childhood where we don’t have anything to build them inside the house and end up with a pile of pillows from sofas and our parents’ bedroom including the bed cover to build a fort in the living room and play like we are doing some camping outside. Children today still loves the same thing apparently. Read also: Gloomhaven vs Massive Darkness here.

Now when it is our turn to be a parent, we want to see our children play happily with whatever they took interest on and it is good to support them with the proper toys to help them enjoy their playtime. If we never have a fort building toys before, today we can get them in the market with so many options to choose from different brands with different items inside as well. Our task now is looking for the one that will provide the most fun for our children.

About Fort Magic
The numerous option let us have a flexible decision but also took more time to select and this is probably why we are reading this article. We are sure many parents ever heard of Fort Magic before because this one is recommended by many people and currently among the best we can get in the market. This brand offer a set of building sticks along with the connectors inside the package so children can work their fort into a shape they want to have.

Inside the package we will get numerous building and construction kits, 354 pieces in total and are made from quality material, so they are sturdy enough to be handled by children above 6 years old. They also include the suggestion book which contains many types of building we can built with Fort Magic. Some of those are tents, tower and tunnels, fort and tunnels, villa, horse carriage, car and even submarine. If you need more, we can also buy extension packs that are sold separately.

Fort Magic Features
What we love the most from Fort Magic is not only the full package we can get in the box but also how many types of materials we need to have to build the fort. For sticks, they comes with 4 different type of sticks and 3 of them are bendable which is available in different sizes. This pieces is good to add curve into fort such a above the door and for a window or even a fan when making an airplane while the straight stick itself is available in 4 sizes.

This amount of building materials is great to allow children to build anything they want and with the help of its suggestion book, they can expand them into things outside the manual. In addition to the amount of sticks, For Magic also included 5 types of connectors to connect one ends with another properly according to whatever currently built. When added with fabric to make a full fort, we also get 100 fabric clips to secure them in places so they won’t fall.

About Crazy Fort
Since there are so many options out there, there is nothing wrong with checking them first before deciding on something because we may find a better unit than our former choice. If you are looking for a fort toys that can be played by one or more children with all the building sticks and connectors inside, the Crazy Fort can be a good option as well.

Crazy Fort have total 69 pieces inside the package and they offer several model of the set including original and glow in the dark. The original is their basic model and only contains straight stick while glow in the dark have connection ball that glows when in dark places. Other variant like Flexi Forts is the opposite because they have flexible stick which we can bend until some point.

Crazy Fort Features
What we love the most from Crazy Fort is their connection ball connector because they are very versatile and not only can hold the sticks to build few forts but can handle all the building we want to create since there are more than 10 slots for stick here can be secured unlike many other fort toys. However, these connections is not without an issue because we have to really push the stick to firmly attach them together so they won’t fall apart like what many customers are complaining about.

This is not a problem when adults are being part of the play but we are worried children are still not strong enough yet to properly secure the stick into its connectors. When they are a few inch inside, Crazy Fort is amazing and won’t fall apart even when we try to drop them. To add the fun, we can add a sheet on top and cover the frame but there is no fabric clip here, so make sure to clip them with something to make them stay in place.

Now, let’s compare Fort Magic with Crazy Fort. As you may already know, both of them are a very fun fort toys for children. What separate them the most is because Fort Magic is already packed with everything we need including the bendable sticks and fabric clips unlike Crazy Fort that only have the straight stick and connectors.

Fort Magic vs Crazy Fort

- Kids can build the Fort of their dreams
- Includes 16 heavy-duty cardboard connectable panels
-Double-sided Velcro connectors
- Just add bedsheets for endless fun
- 69 Pieces - 25 geometrically precise solid plastic balls and 44 reinforced sticks
- Durable - Portable - Easy to build

All in all, both of them are a fun choice for children who loves to play fort. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Fort Magic because even though they are more expensive than Crazy Fort, they are already a complete set so we don’t have to buy additional set anymore.

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