Fluxx 5.0 vs Fluxx Special Edition

Fluxx is a famous card games loved by many people. Their recent version is the Fluxx 5.0 is very similar to their Fluxx Special Edition. If you want to know more about them, read our article below to see their differences.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Fluxx 5.0 and Fluxx Special Edition
– How to Play Fluxx 5.0 and Fluxx Special Edition
– Fluxx 5.0 vs Fluxx Special Edition

About Fluxx 5.0
Fluxx 5.0 is a card game which is created by Looney Labs, which is a small game company based in College Park, Maryland. The company was founded by Andrew Looney and Kristin Looney, which is best known for Fluxx line of card games, including Fluxx 5.0. Fluxx 5.0 is the newest version of Fluxx card games with eve changing rules. In this version the object of the game will often changes as the player continuously playing and players swap out one goal card for another. Fluxx 5.0 can be played with 2 players until 5 players and is recommended for people above 8 years old.

How to Play Fluxx 5.0
Fluxx 5.0 contains 100 cards inside the box, including 19 keeper cards, 1 special card, 27 new rules cards, 23 action cards, and 30 goal cards. The rules of the game is always changing according to the game, so we are not going to explain it all and you can check the rules from looneylabs. When playing the game, you can choose any card in your hand and in case you are not sure how the card works, you can read it out loud as you play it. Basic rule is played as the starting point and can be replaced but can be superseded by new rules. When playing a new rule, place it near the basic rule and if the new rule contradicts old rule, you can discard the old rule immediately.

About Fluxx Special Edition
Fluxx Special Edition is the simplified version of the original game. The game is packed in a tuck box, different from the original version, which is the standard 2 part box and unlike the regular version that contains 5 different cards, in the Fluxx Special Edition the cards only divided into 4 types of cards including Keeper, goal, new rule and action while 73% of the cards are still the same with the regular Flux 4.0 or Fluxx 5.0. In Fluxx Special Edition the more complex cards in the main game are removed and added with 11 cards that have been seen before in other version as promo cards. There are also 16 new cards, which mostly combine long time Keepers in fun new ways. By purchasing Fluxx Special Edition you will also get the new Keeper artworks that has been designed by Michael Hays. If you are interested on other card games, read our previous article on Exploding Kittens vs NSFW here.

How to Play Fluxx Special Edition
Fluxx Special Edition contain 22 keeper card, 1 special rule card, 23 new rules cards, 32 goal cards, and 22 action cards. The game is played the same way as the original game. The rules are keep changing throughout the game according to the new rules cards. You can start by following the basic rule, which is drawing one card and play one card. As the game is running, all players will take turns drawing and playing the indicated number of cards, until a player meets the current goal condition. After the goal is met, the new goal will be placed replacing the old goal.

Fluxx 5.0 and Fluxx Special Edition is quite the same, both of them contains 5 different kind of cards and play with the same rules, which always changing throughout the game. The difference between both is the amount of cards in each type of cards, such as the keeper cards that contains 19 cards in Fluxx 5.0 but 22 cards in Fluxx Special Edition. 23 action cards in Fluxx 5.0 and 22 action cards in Fluxx Special Edition, etc.

Fluxx 5.0 vs Fluxx Special Edition

- For 2 to 5 Players
- 5 to 30 minutes playtime
- For ages 8 and up
- Number of Players: 2-6 players
- Ages: 8 to adult
- Game Length: 5-20 minutes

All in all, both of them are equally fun to play, there is no better than the other if looking it objectively. However some people may found one is better than the other and it is okay, since we have our own taste and preferences. In our opinion, Fluxx Special Edition is slightly more interesting, since it contains some cards with new illustrations and 16 new goal cards.

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