Barbie Dream House vs Lol Dollhouse

Finding a toy for the kids can be quite confusing for parents because the children may have their own preferences. For those parents with active and social kids, a dollhouse is a great alternative to both entertain and exercise their social skills. Barbie Dream House Vs LOL Dollhouse are perfect choices for young children who are in general interested in dolls and the two carry so much fun in a single package. If this setup looks attractive to you too, let’s see what the toys can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Consider in a Dollhouse
  • What are Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse
  • How are the Built of Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse
  • How are Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse on the First Floor
  • How are Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse on the Second Floor
  • How are Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse on the Third Floor
  • What else Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse can offer
  • Barbie Dream House Vs LOL Dollhouse

Choosing for a Dollhouse

Dollhouse is always a good present for the kids whether they are still small enough to actually play it or when they are already growing and going with their first year in school. We give dollhouse as present for family members and our own kids because they are a safe bet and chances are kids will love them. Playing house is a very interactive activity even our grandparents have been familiar with so continuing the positive trend to our children is just great, especially nowadays when smart devices are starting to take over.

But, since there are an enormous amount of dollhouses in the market, it can be very confusing to choose one. To help parents or anyone who are currently in the market browsing around to get an attractive dollhouse, here are some important factors to consider.

Build quality always comes first and we put it at the top because children are the one who are going to use it. Young children are not very well-known for their delicate manners when it comes to toys and dollhouses are not cheap so make sure to get the one that not only looks attractive but also sturdy and will last for a long time. The typical materials used for dollhouses are either plastic such as Barbie Dream House Vs Malibu House or made of woods.

Both have their own pros and cons. For plastic, they will be easier to clean with and light as well as last longer when it comes to color. Depending on the wood being used, thin panels of wood will warp quickly and in case they are not painted but plastered with stickers, do expect to see some peeling too when not treated properly.

Another factor to consider is the doll size or the character who is living there. This is purely based on the kid’s collection or preference so we have to match the house with the dolls they are going to play with. For example, if the kids are going to play with Barbie dolls, the house needs to have a higher clearance to accommodate the typically tall dolls but if they like other types of dolls, we can guess around how much height is needed for each room so they can stand or sit inside.

Related to the size, the picture of your favorite dollhouse may look small on the website but they can take up probably 10% of the kid’s room. Especially if you have limited space, do consider the whole size when they are assembled before deciding the option.

 Barbie Dream HouseLol Dollhouse

Product Dimensions15.51 x 40 x 45.98 inches
10 x 37.25 x 33.25 inches
Shipping Weight4 pounds
45.7 pounds

Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse

Shopping for a dollhouse or any toys for the kids will be easier if we can ask them about which they will like better but, in case you can’t do that or prefer to keep it as a surprise, we still have to shop based on which they will like the most, according to the type of toys they love. Dollhouse can be quite costly too and it is wise to choose the one that can grow together with them.

Among the most popular dollhouses out there, Barbie and LOL are probably two of the most famous with their wide range of doll collection and toys related to the characters. These brands are carrying some of the most attractive dollhouses as well but in comparison Mattel tend to offer their products cheaper than the latter. Personally we do think the two make pretty designs and interesting functionalities in their dollhouse but the kid may have their own preference based on which dolls they like better.

For those who are shopping for someone else, any options from the two will be a great choice such as the Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse. The basic model of LOL dollhouse is very popular and probably among the best-selling from the brand. It is quite different from what Dream House is designed for but what we love the most from the two is you will get so many setup with them while the house itself is large enough for toddlers to grow together with their toys.

The type of aesthetic however is the most prominent area that sets the two apart. It is difficult to say one is prettier than the other because it is related to personal taste yet we do think they are equally sweet with soft colors and plenty of room to play with. In comparison however, objectively Barbie can last longer and just overall more durable than LOL, mostly because it uses plastic so a decent handling will be just fine.

Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse Design

Just like most dollhouses, the Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse are coming unassembled hence we will need to spare time putting everything together. In comparison we think Barbie is easier and faster to work with despite the overall dimension being slightly larger than LOL. When fully assembled, Dream House is about 40 inch wide, 15.5 inch deep, and 46 inch tall while LOL is approximately 37 inch wide, 12.5 inch deep, and 29.5 inch tall. Both of them are 3 levels in total with some interesting features.

The prominent difference is LOL will be made almost entirely of wood which some may like better but do note that these pretty colors are stickers and not an actual paint. The divider for each room is actually pretty thick but we are worried about the back panel since this area is thinner so depending on the temperature in your house, this panel may bend or lose its original shape along the time. With the box, Barbie doesn’t give any dolls but some variants of LOL Dollhouse include few with the setup.

Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse First Floor

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse can offer starring from the first floor. Here you will get two rooms on both options but the layout shapes are different. In Barbie you will get a garage, a kitchen, and a dining room. Behind the kitchen is a patio where the dolls can have a backyard party. In the LOL house there is a living room and dining room in addition to the pools; one for adults and one small size for smaller dolls.

Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse Second Floor

On the second floor we have two rooms on LOL and three rooms for the Dream House. The LOL gives one music or a bedroom and next to it is the bathroom, complete with a working closet and a bathtub while outside we have stairs to the third floor. In Dream House we have a relaxing room where the sofa can be converted into a bed, a wash room with a working toilet, and an outdoor pool which is featured with a slider from the third floor.

Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse Third Floor

The third floor is the last for Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse and here you can find a dressing room along with an outdoor space or patio where the dolls can enjoy sunbathing. In Dream House there is the main bedroom along with a closet to keep the clothes and next we have a study room which uniquely connects to the second floor pool via a slider. And yes, the slider works most of the time when you put a doll on it.

Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse Features

Lastly we want to talk about the features on these Barbie Dream House and LOL Dollhouse or the additional value. If you see the side of the house, there is actually a lift on both of them and it is working to transport the doll from the first floor to the upper levels, manually by moving them along the rail. Some of the functions such as the toilet will make sound and this is why you will need a battery for them but many users seem to have to replace the battery right after. 

Lastly we want to mention the pool which is one of the most interesting features. In LOL dollhouse, note that the pool is made of plastic but the dollhouse itself is from wood so if we spilled the water, it may harm the sticker and material itself unlike with Dream House which are all plastic.

Barbie Dream House vs Lol Dollhouse

Both dollhouses are attractive and fascinating. We are sure the kid will love to spend their time playing scenarios with their dolls but, in comparison Barbie which is made of plastic will be able to sustain moist better and lighter as well as durable for prolonged use unlike woods that may lose its shape and deteriorate faster. Comparing the features Barbie is also richer, especially with the convertible sofa/bed located on the second floor, along with the pool slider.

- Measuring an impressive 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide and featuring 3 stories, 8 rooms, all-angle play, a working elevator and pool with slide, the Barbie Dreamhouse encourages young imaginations to move into this dollhouse and set up a dream home!
- Dreamy features include the working elevator with room for 4 dolls, a new home office, a carport and a second-story pool with a slide that starts on the third story -fill it with water for a real splash!
- Lights and sounds add realistic touches and encourage role-play: place the frying pan on the stove and press for a sizzling sound; do the same with the tea kettle for whistling; open the oven door to see it light up; turn the oven timer for ticking; and push a button on the toilet for a flushing sound!
- Two-in-one fun expands the possibilities for play: the couch opens to create bunk beds and the coffee table flips revealing a bed for Chelsea doll (sold separately) to create a guest bedroom.
- WORKING LIGHTS AND SOUND EFFECTS: Make your L.O.L. surprise dolls and fashion dolls experience in a new level. Enjoy the interactive lights and sounds which includes lamps and toilet flush sound effects. It also has piano convertible to bunk beds.
- FULLY FURNISHED: With a spiral staircase and a working elevator, your L.O.L. surprise dolls can now access each floors of this 3-story dollhouse. Pour water into the pool and enjoy the summer heat with your cutest L.O.L. collectibles (not included).
- ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Each of the 6 rooms fits all L.O.L. Surprise. dolls and fashion dolls. This also has a sandbox for your cutest L.O.L. Surprise pets. Also comes with kitchen tables and chairs, as well as fridge with moving boxes.
- Includes moving truck package and furniture to unbox, to make moving in more realistic. Also includes a mall backdrop for more outrageous fun scenes. Lights and sounds are battery operated (included and replaceable). Dolls sold separately.


There is no bad option between the two but personally we will recommend to choose Barbie Dream House, mostly because this plastic build will be more forgiving with rough handling and last longer too, especially when the kid plans to use the pool in their dollhouse. 


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