Barbie Dream House vs Kidkraft Dollhouse

As parents, we always want to provide the best for our children whether it is their nutrition, education, safety and or course for recreation, moreover, if they are still very young. Boys may prefer sports like basketball or football but girls are often prefer playing pretends with their doll collections. If you have a girl who ask for a doll house, Barbie Dream House vs Kidkraft Dollhouse can be a great option. They are rather similar yet also different, so check them below to see which the better option is.

In this article, we are to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a Dollhouse for your children
– What are Barbie Dream House and Kidkraft Dollhouse
– What Barbie Dream House and Kidkraft Dollhouse Look Like
– How to assemble Barbie Dream House and Kidkraft Dollhouse
– Barbie Dream House vs Kidkraft Dollhouse

Dollhouse Toy
We have been playing with dollhouse since when we are little if we are lucky enough to have parents who allow and able to buy them for us but, now is the time for us to give them to our children or mostly daughters. Little girls everywhere usually love playing pretend with dolls and use their own imagination to create a situation. This activity is beneficial to help them explore new things and help the developing their fine motor skills especially those play with smaller object like dressing.

Doll are commonly sold separately with the other doll set or alone and there are only some that are offered with the house included because compared to the doll, the house will come in much bigger package depend on the brand and model. Children would love to play with the house because they can imagine those living in an individual space and can mimic human better. To put it simply, they are a wonderful addition to what your children already have.

About Barbie Dream House
There are so many options out there when looking for doll house because many manufacturers offering their products in different model. Among those names, we are sure many people will agree that one of the most popular will be Barbie. This legendary doll is known by almost every children and adults today due to the worldwide success and if we ever play with them in the past, now our daughters are still fond of them. These dolls are pretty and can be dressed or styled.

Barbie Dream House Design
Barbie doll house is called Barbie Dream House and it is also very popular with so many children wishing to receive it on Christmas morning. As we can see from the sample picture, this doll house is huge and have 3 floors with rooms like our real house such as kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom and a leisure room featured with all the furniture matching the Barbie’s native color, pink with some white accent on some parts, making the doll house is very sweet and cute.

Among the interesting places, this house have an elevator to take the doll to another level in the house and interestingly, the house also have toilet with a sound effects of flushing water which attract many children attention when they first discover the feature. Additionally, Barbie Dream House also have pool that we can extend from the garage but it will require more space to the already big house.

Assembling Barbie Dream House
What we need to keep in mind is Barbie Dream House won’t come already assembled like in the picture but they will come in a big package with parts to assemble. The material for this house is plastic and are very light, so we don’t see any problem carrying the box alone but since the dimension is quite big, it is a bit hard carrying them upstairs. In this box, we will get all the pieces for the house and furniture as well as other small pieces.

We are not recommending allowing smaller children to assemble the house because there are too many small pieces which is dangerous if accidentally eaten thus, it is best if parents do all the hard work. There are manuals to help us placing the parts correctly and it is one of the best instruction because there are picture with label for each part and we won’t need any tool to assemble them for the plastic have their own slot to securely hold them in place.

About Kidkraft Dollhouse
There are many other options out there if you are currently looking for a doll house for your children and if you prefer the one made from cardboard or want an even bigger house than Dream House then the good option you may want to check is Kidkraft Dollhouse. This dollhouse is also very popular and loved by many young girls due to the pretty design and complete furniture inside to allow them imagine and play with dolls more realistically.

Kidkraft Dollhouse Design
When looking at Kidkraft Dollhouse, the first thing comes to our mind is how huge it is and even when we are standing, the house is as high as our chest and when measured, it is apparently as high as 53-inch with around 52-inch wide. The material of the dollhouse is not plastic but cardboard with some woods on few parts while the design is very cute with many pastel colors. The house itself is big enough to have 4 levels with the fully furnished nursery room.

Beside these 4 levels, there are another two located beside the main building and the lower part is for garage while the above floor is like a patio or a place to spend some time in the afternoon and enjoying some tea with friend or family type of room. From level one to level two there is a stairs connecting the floor and from level 2 to 3, we will use an escalator. Read also: Anki Cozmo vs Meccano MAX here.

Assembling Kidkraft Dollhouse
Now is for the assembling, Kidkraft Dollhouse is very different to Barbie Dream House because this doll house will need an extra time to build and we have to be careful enough to place all the parts on their intended position because the manual for the unit is apparently not good enough which making many users have to figure it out themselves on how to properly place the pieces. Coming in the package, there will be so many pieces and screws thus, it is better to assemble them in a clean surface without your children around.

Depend on how good we can understand the instruction or arranging the materials, building the doll house will take several hours to complete and we can do it alone or with two people. The only tool we need to assemble them is a screw driver because the other tool is already provide by the product and make sure to see the example picture when building to fasten the process because we have to match the pieces.

Now, let’s compare Barbie Dream House with Kidkraft Dollhouse. The prominent difference between them is the design, material and assembling process because Barbie’s dollhouse is far simpler to assemble, have narrower dimension and lesser parts to deal with while being made from plastic. At the other hand, Kidkraft Dollhouse is bigger, taller, made with cardboard and wood with so many parts to assemble using screws so it will take a longer time to complete.

Barbie Dream House vs Kidkraft Dollhouse

- Move right into the Barbie Dreamhouse and discover a world of possibilities because with Barbie, anything is possible!
- Dream up all kinds of stories with three floors, seven bedrooms, 70+ accessories and a working elevator with simple pull mechanism!
- “Smart” accessories snap into an interactive furniture piece for lights, sound and/or motion -- for instance, try the aquarium to watch the fish swim and hear bubble sounds
- Three stories and 10 colorful pieces of furniture
- Can accommodate dolls up to 12" tall
- Full staircase connects first and second floors

All in all, both of them can be a great present for your children. However, if you are not a meticulous person and want the easiest to built and take down when needed, the Barbie Dream House is the better option.

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