Barbie Dream House Vs Frozen Castle

Dollhouse has been a familiar toy for countless generations because they are fun and great for the children’s growth in socializing skills. Plenty to consider based on what the kid is interested in such as the Barbie Dream House Vs Frozen Castle that are not only pretty but also fun to play. These dollhouses are made of plastic which makes them durable and able to grow with the kids. For parents looking to buy their kid a new toy, let’s see which to choose below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Giving Dollhouse for Children
  • What are Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle
  • How are the Design of Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle
  • How are the 1st Floor in Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle
  • How are the 2nd Floor in Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle
  • How are the 3rd Floor in Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle
  • What else Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle can offer
  • Barbie Dream House Vs Frozen Castle

Dollhouse for Children

In modern day our kids are mostly familiar with smart devices and while there is nothing stopping them to grow and get used to the smartphone, computer, tablet, or even game consoles from an early age, it doesn’t mean we as parents are going to let them play without proper monitoring. Especially for small kids who can already use smart devices, it is important for the parents to always accompany them and teach the healthy habit of using smart devices wisely.

For those whose kids can’t seem to move away from a smart device, we can try giving them kids tablets such as LeapFrog LeapPad Vs Epic because these tablets are more child friendly and have lots of limitations to prevent the kids from accessing the internet without proper monitoring. Another alternative is by giving them more traditional toys to play with such as a doll house which is also great to play together not just with the family but also with their friends when they come to play.

Dollhouse has been the toy of so many generations that we are not sure when they started to become related to children in various places all over the world. This classic toy has been popular since our ancestor’s age and even now when we have our own children. Doll house is fun because the kid can simulate their imagination by making scenarios and playing various characters at once while maintaining their habit and lifestyle just like what they have seen in the house.

It is a very engaging play that can be done alone or with other kids and this is beneficial for their socializing skill later in life or out there with children their age. When playing with a doll house, the kid will most likely use more than one character to interact with each other and not only relation among characters, they will learn to manage the space as well. Doll house is small and there is only so much space to put everything inside or in each room.

 Barbie Dream HouseFrozen Castle
Product Dimensions29.92 x 8.66 x 29.92 inches9 x 30 x 30 inches
Shipping Weight4 pounds19.84 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

By maintaining and designing their own house, our kids can learn how to manage the space in real life to be less cumbersome and functional through the doll house they play with. The toy can be made of plastic or wood, depending on the options but we suggest choosing plastic because children can be less careful with their toys and woods often fragile enough while in terms of durability they won’t last very long with water or against moisture.

If you are currently looking to buy a new dollhouse, we can ask what the kid is interested in or what type of dollhouse they want to play with. Usually kids will have their own favorite characters or children series they follow so if parents are planning to give a present, we highly recommend deciding based on what they like better. Kids are firm with their options and it is best to follow what they are liking the most just to make sure they will want to play with the toy we have bought.

About Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle

There are plenty to choose from nowadays, moreover with the increasing amount of children animation and series, manufacturers can design their dollhouses to be inspired by those buildings or design from the movies. Some of the most popular options are Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle which is inspired by the Frozen movie. If your kids love these movies or characters from the movies, we do think choosing one from the collection will be a safe bet but, being different toys made by different brands, they will be different as well.

They have lots of variants to choose from but today we are going to compare the Barbie Dream House with Pool and Frozen Castle which is based on the Frozen 2 movie. These doll houses are made from plastic and personally we prefer this material because they are more durable and in case the kids spill water or accidentally drop the parts, chances are they will be able to sustain the damage. Compared to when the house is made of wood, they are prone to lighter damage as well.

Barbie and Frozen are using two different setups so the styling of the Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle are very much different to each other as well. If your children love princess then we do think Frozen Castle will be more suitable for their type of characters or dolls to play with but if they prefer a more modern, city lifestyle, the Barbie house will be the more suitable choice, moreover if they have lots of Barbie dolls already.

Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle Design

The sample picture above may make the Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle look small but the real life doll house is huge. They are coming in parts or require assembling first and make sure parents are helping because there are small items that may be dangerous for younger children. The Mattel’s Barbie is about 40 inch by 15.5 inch by 46 inch when fully assembled while Frozen Castle is about 60 inch tall and almost 50 inch wide so in comparison this Castle will be taller than Barbie’s 3 level house.

The ornaments in Frozen are very pretty but this also increases the dimension quite a lot from bottom to top yet the depth of this house is actually much narrower than Barbie’s which makes it have more limited spaces to play around. Similar to each other, the two are 3-level buildings yet the shape of Frozen Castle makes the highest level only contain one room instead of two or three.

Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle 1st Floor

Because there are so many rooms in Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle, we will talk about the house by each level. Starting from the first floor, Barbie has three main sections with one garage, one dining room that is located in the front of the main door, as well as the kitchen itself. Behind the kitchen there is a patio and a backyard. In Frozen Castle we have a dining room, a throne, and music room featured with a piano and its chair.

Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle 2nd Floor

Moving to the second floor, Frozen Castle has two main bedrooms for Elsa and Anna located at the opposite of the space while in the middle there is a panel acting as an elevator in which the doll can stand and travel. In Barbie Dream House, the second floor is where you will find the living room featured with a sofa that can be converted into a bed as well if you want to make this a bedroom. Next to it we have a bathroom and on the right we have a pool.

This pool has a clear bottom and is made of plastic as well so the kids can put water inside if they want. Do note that it can be messy since the pool is shallow but it should be able to contain at least two full-size Barbie dolls inside.

Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle 3rd Floor

Third floor is the highest for Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle and here we can find one room on each dollhouse. Barbie does have a bedroom with a closet to store the doll’s clothes while next to it is probably a styling room which is connected to the second floor through a slider that ends up on the pool below. In Frozen the single last room probably acts like a living room or library with a large sofa along with painting and a fireplace in the middle.

Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle Features

Lastly we want to talk about the additional features in Barbie Dream House and Frozen Castle. The two have an elevator that is manually moved for the doll to travel and Barbie has several appliances in the house that can emit sound such as the oven and toilet which need a battery to provide the function. The elevator in Frozen Castle has a light play and needs 3 AAA batteries to work. In addition this doll house also has a balcony at the highest part of the castle.

Barbie Dream House Vs Frozen Castle

Both of these dollhouses are very fun to play with and we are sure children will love them, especially if they are a fan of the series. In comparison we get more features on Barbie as well as slightly wider space to play with but Frozen Castle is quite large as well. The light play in the castle’s elevator is very interesting to watch when the elevator is moved up or down but it is not bright enough to be properly visible under regular room lighting.

- Measuring an impressive 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide and featuring 3 stories, 8 bedrooms, all-angle play, an elevator, and pool with slide, the Barbie dream house encourages young imaginations to move into this dollhouse. and set up a dream home.
- Dreamy features include the working elevator with room for 4 dolls, a new home office, a garage, and a second-story pool with a slide that begins on the third floor, fill with water for a real splash.
- The lights and sounds add realistic touches and encourage role play: place the pan on the stove and press for a sparkling sound; do the same with the tea kettle to whistle; open the oven door to see it lit; turn oven timer to tick; and presses a button on the toilet for a flushing sound.
- Two-in-one fun expands play possibilities: sofa opens to create bunk beds and coffee table flips over to reveal a Chelsea doll bed (sold separately) to create a guest bedroom; fireplace becomes a cozy den in a home office; the kitchen sink does double duty with one side with a barbecue and shelves and the other with the oven and a recycling bin; and the back of outdoor food.
- 5ft tall by 4ft wide: The ultimate Arendelle castle set is 5ft tall, 4ft wide with 2 fun sides, elegant folding doors, and 4 stories including a lookout tower.
- Colorful Light Show: Press the base of the elevator to activate the colorful twinkling lights that shine beautifully on the castle's interior walls.
- 7 Furnished Rooms: There are 14 accessories included to fill each of the 7 rooms in the castle, including a piano, banquet table, throne chair, and more.
- Balcony In Motion: Put a Disney Frozen Elsa or Anna fashion doll on the built-in doll stand (each sold separately). Subject to availability.) And move them up and down the castle.


Parents should choose the doll house based on what the kid will like better. If they prefer a more modern lifestyle, we do think Barbie’s house is more attractive but if they like princess and castle style dollhouses then the choice is definitely Frozen.

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